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The Universe Marvels Beyond Wonder. CREATED or MYTH?

An adulation to the author of the Universe.

By DapoPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
An artistic impression of the early universe, probably in it's first 100 million years

The Universe Marvels! It is a wonder in perpetual repeated motion, it often restructures itself, expanding away outwards, long after its completion. It is that masterpiece that far exceeds anything in time. And "...we know only about 8% of the Cosmos," says Neil deGrasse Tyson. But, if a design serves to reveal its designer, then we have known the creation's author all along. Like any inventor, we know them through their handiwork. Although we yet have about 92% knowledge of the Universe still being discovered.

So, I became a drilling rig, descending inside the belly of the Universe, past fathoms and beyond light years, desperate in my pursuit, pushing through time and relentlessly viewing past human reach. By the tenets of search and discovery, what I found stole my sleep, and yet still does. So that had I a 190 IQ as Marilyn Vos Savant, it won't matter; for creation sits expanded outside (before) the shores of time. I'm now certain, it will take 'reason', 'everything', and much more than 'anything' known to grasp creation? I'm simply left to gasp in awe!

William Bliss Carman (1861–1929) FRSC was a Canadian poet laureate and essayist, who wrote the poem titled, "The Heart of Night". He lived most of his life in the United States.

Moses pens creation with, 'Let there be light!' The Big Bang theory by Einstein is the fact that credits this truth. They agree the Universe was empty (void), without gravity (formless), and this world came from nothing. But, that light came first, doesn't mean, it was the Sun, but bright, blinding, whiteness (hot gases). "Was it loud?" I say; No! As sound needs air to travel, and it didn't exist yet and the bang wasn't one, but many. Yet unlike its name, it wasn't destroying, rather it was creating everything.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a German-born Theoretical Physicist. Einstein is known widely for developing the theory of relativity. (Photo credit: lotusart)

Humanity has every reason to place the proclaimers of high moral standards and values above the discoverers of objective truth. What humanity owes to personalities like Buddha, Moses and Jesus rank for me higher than all the achievements of the enquiring and constructive mind. - Albert Einstein

The Universe isn't the handiwork of ETs or Humans, science didn't make it, and neither did religion. Take our planet; there's so much that's just exactly right for it to support life; it's the right distance from the Sun, it has enough protection from harmful solar radiation by its magnetic field, its kept warm by an insulating atmosphere, and it has the right chemical ingredients for life, like water and carbon. This reads more like precision than chance.

The phases of the Big Bang Theory (Photo: UGA Graduate School Magazine Spring 2016)

Now, three things amaze me, no four I don't understand. The first belly's three, the second is deep down, and the third is felt but unseen. The three emerge out of the Big Bang, behind 'Light', the fourth. The three elementals are Space, Water, and Gravity. In its first few moments, the Universe was a hot, white, bright, high-density cloud of gases in chaos; a hydrogen isotope, helium, carbon, water, and gravity. Einstein proved Moses' Genesis is right! Yet apart, each cites light as creation's first, and everything else came after.

The Eagle Nebula holds a great celestial wonder of the Milky Way-the magnificent Pillars of Creation, 6,500 light-years from Earth (NASA ESA/HUBBLE Heritage Team)

Of the three elementals, Gravity enthralls the most. For it shaped chaos into the Cosmos (order). Like the 2000 album, Purpose by Design from Fred Hammond, "order" posits an imagination at work. Human inventions are an example; Poetics is created by Aristotle, Electricity by Tesla, or Star Wars by Lucas. It seems anything created repeats the 'Genesis' equation; Chaos + Imagination = Order. Hypothetically, an author with such ability won't be ruled by the laws of creation. Can these laws then reveal him?

Space, once thought static is expanding outwards, colliding as it goes. It's stretching carrying matter with it. The Milky Way is on track to collide and merge with Andromeda in 3.75 billion years at a speed of 70mps. These two will pass through each other, get snapped back together because of gravity, and merge cores. The stars inside each so far apart won't collide, but they will be thrown into different orbits around the new core. NASA simulates our Solar system will be tossed much farther from the core than it is today.

Illustration of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy collision (Photo credit: NASA, ESA, Z. Levay and R. van der Marel (STScl) and A. Mellinger - STScl-PRC12-20a)

Genesis unveiled a triune author who's in Eternity or another-verse. If this author was Picasso, his studio will be Eternity, and his canvas will be the Universe. Defined by space and time, our Universe is a physical world, but Eternity free of spacetime existed before it, so laws of Astrophysics do not work in Eternity. However, a spacetime quantity partly nearest in meaning to Eternity can be Infinity. While these two aren't the same concepts, they describe two different worlds; they indicate the presence, absence of time, or no time where eternity precedes infinity or contains it.

Copper (Matthew McConaughey) in the Tesseract (Interstellar-2014 Dir. Christopher Nolan), an enormous, hyper-cubic, grid-like structure. It allowed Cooper to communicate with Murphy in various time periods, and able to see every moment in the past, present, and future. (Photo credit: Hr.dooku )

It's curious, "if a person can move between both". Death might seem a path to eternity from spacetime, and birth its return path. If such an author exists, he could peer into spacetime; observing any one past, present, or future simultaneously. Yet we only see an observable universe, and wonder, "what might a photo of the universe be like?" Surprisingly, there is such a photo - the Universe is strung up like a spider's web of gases connecting clusters, and superclusters of galaxies held in a single unit by dark matter.

A simulation of the observable Universe (93 billion light-years in diameter), and dark matter holds all the galaxy clusters together. (photo credit Illustris)

Zoom into the observable universe, the Milky Way, the Solar system, and focus on the Moon, then time travel to Apollo 8 mission. Our POV will be the photo (below) shot on 24th December 1968 by astronaut Bill Anders. This is Earthrise. “Oh, my God! Look at that picture over there! Here’s the Earth coming up. Wow, isn't that pretty!” Anders exclaimed. The image—our first full-color view of our planet from off of it—helped to launch the environmental movement. It helped us recognize that in a cold and punishing cosmos, we’ve got it pretty good.

Earthrise. Earth and some of the Moon's surface taken from lunar orbit by Astronaut William Anders on Dec. 24, 1968, during the Apollo 8 mission. NASA / APOLLO 8

Artemis returns humans to the Moon in 2024, but 54 missions to Mars, with 26 successes have been done by USSR, NASA, UK, Europe, China, and India. NASA has landed 5 rovers and 1 helicopter; Pathfinder, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity. In 2021, Perseverance landed with Ingenuity on its underbelly to explore the Jezero crater. NASA's Curiosity Mars rover (below) records the sequence of views of the sun setting at the close of the mission's 956th Martian day, or sol (April 15, 2015), from Gale Crater.

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover recorded this sequence of views of the sun setting at the close of the mission's 956th Martian day, or sol (April 15, 2015), from the rover's location in Gale Crater.

We adore music, artwork, books, people, even sports. It's in our DNA, and it's also exploited for profit; fanocracy is currency. The British do it to their Queen. Americans put humans on the Moon, Mars is next and they're loved for it. Catholics call the Pope, The Holy Father and he's Vatican City's Head of State. Celebs are showered with adulation by fans. We each get adulation from a child, a wife, or family. Many also give it to stuff like bikes, cars, clothes, shoes, or jewelry. What do you adulate?

“It can't all be sorrow, can it? ...for what is grief, if not love persevering?” WandaVIsion digital art illustration by Alice X. Zhang

We project many groups of senses like adulation, wonder, awe, catharsis, and more. Maybe they aren't just quality emotions, but are these all they are meant for, or is there more to it than meets the senses? If humans can recreate, that's because creation made it so? The universe is a grand design, and its author deserves much adoration. It takes appreciation to consider creation's beauty and to form a deep bond to it. Give it a try!

The more I study science, the more I believe in God. - Albert Einstein

Illustration of NASA’s Perseverance rover at work within Mars’s Jezero Crater. Credit: NASA and JPL-Caltech

If an alien race swooped on Mars, they'd find man-made activities like the Perseverance Rover with Ingenuity working in the Jerezo Crater. This race will encounter robots from Earth, witness them at work, and think of them as belonging to a race of beings, which will be us. And they'd question the rover's origin, and seek us out. Just as the Perseverance Rover is evidence of its maker, NASA/JPL/US. We are on such a journey in the Universe, one to seek out its author.

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