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7 Things I Tell Myself Everyday To Keep My High Performance

And my productivity in place.

By Zondra Dos AnjosPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
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It takes time to evolve and be in a place where we keep being productive every day. In the process, we get lazy, procrastinate, and sabotage ourselves because of the paradigms we have that we are not even aware of, and this is how life goes. Until the day, life calls us to evolve, grow, and be our best version.

In this process, it took me a while to build my will, resistance, and self-love; one of the things I did was what I will share with you today. These are the sentences I tell myself daily to keep myself accountable for my higher version and goals.

Let's start…

Things were the way they were

When I remember things that took me out of my balance in the past or something I did to someone, or someone did to me, I say right away

Things were meant to happen this way and that's why I let go of this thought and feeling. 

By saying this, I give my subconscious a command that it needs to understand that the past is in the past, and there is nothing to do about it.

I am me

When the ego starts to try to put the comparison in my mind because it refers ONLY to the outside world and looks for confirmations there, again, I use this command,

I am me; They are them.

By reminding myself that, I let go of comparison and bless the people around me, as Marcus Aurelius said in his book Meditations, "We are in this together."

This reminds me that people have their processes as mine, and by blessing others in the process, I attract blessings to myself. I learned that it's much more advantageous to bless others than waste energy being tuned to other people's lives because I have my own life to live. 

I am the best

You read right; I say it to myself daily, and it works like magic. I am not talking about being better than others, but it reminds me that I am better than I was yesterday.

There is a Japanese philosophy called Kai-Zen that means continuous improvement, and what tool is better than our own words to determine that today I am better than yesterday and tomorrow I will be better than today?

By reminding ourselves that we are getting better every day, even if our days are not good, it's important to remind ourselves that we are getting better at responding to situations that we could react to before. 

I can, and I will

I cut off the "try" word from my vocabulary some time ago; now, I say, "I can and I will if it's meant to happen." I learned that when we say "try," we are already counting on failure.

Understand me well; I am not saying we should live in Lala land, only think positively and dance kumbaya, but I am saying that it's essential to have the mindset of achievement before we start something; if not, what is the point of starting at all? Let's stop wasting our energy through our words, shall we?

My choices, my future

When I talk to people and say, "My choices build my future," people start to go on defense, stating, "Oh, but I didn't have a choice." Then I tell them they decide unless they can't choose.

Conscious or unconscious, we choose and are responsible for our choices. 

Let me explain: unconscious choices are based on our paradigms eighter from childhood, or the choices we made because we didn't give time to the previous experiences to heal or didn't know how to heal them.

My life evolved on a larger scale when I took responsibility for things that happened, which was okay if they weren't well. It is okay to make wrong choices because we came here to learn and evolve as people and souls.

No Victim

When I was at a Vipassana retreat, which is a ten-day silent retreat, I realized so many things inside my mind through the 10 hours of meditation we had every day, and one of those things is that we have a judge and a victim inside of us most of the time.

Before the retreat, I already had an idea that I didn't want to be a victim, blaming others for what I couldn't do myself or pointing people for the results I had in life.

When the ego tries to put me in a place of "poor me" or "this is happening because of…", I immediately say to myself: 

This is happening because, somehow, I allowed this to happen.

Then, I analyze my situation and try to understand what I could do better.

I don't care

Yes, it sounds harsh, but it's not that I don't care for people. When meeting people whose life reflects their complaints and negative mindsets, I say it to myself.

There is nothing that makes me more irritated than when someone believes that life owns them something and uses it as an excuse not to change; life owns no one nothing. 

You know, that kind of people you help, but they find a way to go to the low-hanging fruit again? Yes, I am referring to people who want to be carried on because they don't want to change.

I say to myself: "I don't care; this is not my problem; they are in their process, and I need to allow them to go through it."

This affirmation also goes to things I can't control, people who talk behind my back, people who try to get near me only for their interest, people who did me harm, people who resent me, and people who live in negativity because they are too lazy to change.

This affirmation helps me detach from their energy and keep my own.


Things evolve faster when we use our words to elevate our lives and hold ourselves responsible for what is happening.

By knowing our capacity and affirming it daily, we open ourselves to change, and our minds align more with the universe.

Let me know in the comment if you have something you say to yourself every day; let's exchange thoughts.

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