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Facts that you need to accept.

By Honoratha PeterPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

These are facts that we tend to ignore, but they play an important role in our life as they have a greater impact on our mental health. Ignoring these may lead to a high level of stress and sometime depression and life destructions.

1. Hide your sadness because no one cares.

Hiding your sadness because no one cares is the number one truth of life that needs our attention. In our current life, everyone is busy with life, fighting their own battles. They will not notice your sadness, tears, or pain. Do not let your sad emotions out rather, practice gratitude, control yourself, take care of yourself by including healthy habits in your life, remember this life is your 100% and remind yourself that you don’t need someone else to feel happy.

2. Never get attached to anyone remember, even your own shadow leaves you when it is dark.

We tend to get too attached to our partners, family members and friends, but we forget that all these people may leave whether by death or life circumstances. Our shadows are with us only when there is light but leaves during the dark, we should take this as a reason, reflecting it into our daily life some being loved one, friends, relatives may not be with us during our dark times, and this is okay, we should not worry too much rather depend on the almighty God and be grateful to those who have shown up.

3. Don’t be overly kind, forgiving, and overly helpful as people are not grateful for you will be abused.

‘’A kind heart always leads to beautiful things’’. This is a very famous quote; it means that we must be kind to ourselves and others. It should be in mind but being overly kind, helping or too much forgiving is not advisable as the people we show our kindness to are not all grateful, and they may end up disappointing us. We should show our kindness and forgiveness when is needed and when we are capable and comfortable without forgetting our own self so that even when the people, we have shown kindness to and forgiven abuse our action, we will not be disappointed or affected in any way.

4. If there is no loyalty, don’t care about that love.

Loyalty is a commitment to respect, support and protect the other person in a relationship. Having a relation that has no loyalty is like driving a car without fuel, you will not get to your intended destination. Save yourself from troubles and get away from relationships that have no loyalty whether business relationships or love relationships. Let us put into our mind that ‘’stay loyal to one another, and you shall stay together forever’ also ‘’A loyal partner is worth more than all the diamonds in the world’’.

5. If you want to grow up sit at the bigger tables and spend time with smarter people.

Humans of similar interest, type, interest, personality, character, and attributes tend to mutually associate. If you really want to grow in all aspects of life associate with smart people. You want to be a millionaire then your friends should be millionaires, you want to be smart then associate with smartest people. By doing this, you will gain knowledge from them, learn, and be motivated to move high thus, leading to growth in your life.

Hence, having these facts in our mind will help in making our lives better, avoiding depending on other people forgetting ourselves, thinking how other people feel about us, staying in wrong relationships even when we are being totally ignored and improve our life by archiving or intended life goals.


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