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Life changing poem

By Honoratha PeterPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

In the tapestry of life, woven with threads of time,

A truth emerges, whispered in rhythm and rhyme,

For a good life, my friend, needs some bad days,

To enrich the journey and light up the way.

When the sun graces the sky, golden and bright,

We bask in its warmth, filled with pure delight,

But it's the storms and tempests that make us strong,

They shape our character, teach us where we belong.

In the depths of despair, when darkness prevails,

We unearth hidden strength that resilience entails,

For it's through trials and tribulations we grow,

Emerging as warriors with hearts all aglow.

The bad days, my dear, are not meant to break,

But to mold us, to shape us, to help us awake,

They ignite the fire within, fueled by our dreams,

Propelling us forward with unstoppable beams.

When fortune smiles upon us, we rejoice,

But adversity's touch lends a guiding voice,

It whispers wisdom, urging us to persist,

To embrace the challenges, as they truly exist.

For how we can savor the sweetness of light,

If we've never encountered the shadows of night?

How can we appreciate the calmness of peace,

If chaos and turmoil never found their release?

The bad days, my friend, offer lessons profound,

They show us the treasures that can still be found,

In shattered dreams, we discover new hope,

And in heartache's embrace, the strength to cope.

They teach us humility, compassion, and grace,

Revealing the depth of the human embrace,

Through tears, we find solace and empathy's might,

And turn our wounds into beacons of light.

So let not the storms steal your hope or your smile,

For they are but a pause in life's grand, vibrant aisle,

Embrace the challenges that come your way,

For they pave the path to a brighter, sunlit day.

Remember, my dear, amidst life's ebbs and flows,

The seeds of resilience, with every storm that blows,

The bad days, they grant us the chance to rise,

To spread our wings and reach for boundless skies.

So, hold on tight to your dreams, never let go,

Embrace both the sunshine and the winds that blow,

For a good life, my friend, needs some bad days,

To sculpt us, to mold us, in remarkable ways.

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About the Creator

Honoratha Peter

Hello Beautiful People!

I am an imaginative freelancer with a writing passion. I welcome you to my imaginary world where you will be entertained, educated, motivated, inspired, stress-free and be happy just by reading.

I love You.

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