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10 Craziest Celebrity Workouts That’ll Get You Fit or Drive You Insane

10 Craziest Celebrity Workouts That’ll Get You Fit or Drive You Insane

By Paul SmithPublished about a year ago 9 min read

10 Craziest Celebrity Workouts That’ll Get You Fit or Drive You Insane

By Paul Misfud

Celebrity fitness plans are currently very popular. People all over the world strive to mimic their favorite celebrity's routines, from the fittest to the most well-known to the downright odd. It goes without saying that celebrities have access to the best personal cooks, exercise facilities, and trainers in the world. It's hardly surprising that some of their workout routines seem like they were taken straight out of a sci-fi movie since they have more time to exercise than the ordinary person. Therefore, we've compiled ten celebrity workouts that will either make you crazy or do wonders for your physique.


10 Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt’s Workout Routine

Chris Pratt is well recognised for his numerous roles in films and television series, including that of Owen Grady, the velociraptor trainer in Jurassic World, and Andy Dwyer from the sitcom Parks and Recreation. He trained for each role he played in order to exhibit the appropriate weight and body shape for the job.

And it was the same thing when he was cast in the title role of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy as Peter Quill. Pratt had to get shredded and lose a lot of weight through exercise and diet in order to get in shape for his role. He lost more than 60 pounds (27 kg) in a period of six months with the aid of his nutritionist Phil Goglia and personal trainer Duffy Gaver. Gaver gave Pratt four to six sessions per week of training for five of those six months. Gaver claims that Pratt's routines included bodybuilding for the first two months, followed by conditioning exercises including a treadmill/rower circuit, calisthenics, and weightlifting for the next two months. The final month was primarily made up of conditioning exercises including bike, swimming, and cardio.


9 How Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Keeps Her Looking Good

Everyone is familiar with Jenny from the Block in the early 2000s. Back then, it was popular to dress in cargo pants and a tank top, thanks to Jennifer Lopez. Now that JLo is in her 50s, she has the appearance of being in her early 30s. How, at the age of 53, does the singer/actress maintain her young appearance? Healthy eating, regular exercise, and confidence in your body no matter its size—as long as it's healthy—are JLo's secrets to looking fantastic. All of the organic, unprocessed items in JLo's diet are organic. She consumes whole foods like sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats, and brown rice. She consumes leafy greens when it comes to vegetables but stays away from corn and carrots. Her diet also includes egg whites, white meat, and even grass-fed cattle as sources of protein. She uses protein to help her train and develop her muscles. JLo works out by lifting weights, working out at home, and dancing. Four to five times per week, she works out at the gym with her personal trainers David Kirsch and Dodd Romero for about an hour. Romero explained that JLo divides her attention among several body parts during each session to balance the growth of her muscles. JLo doesn't simply stop working out when the gym closes. Her own programme will be used to continue her fitness at home. She works out at home by running around her garden, doing push-ups, and swinging a kettlebell.


8 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Rock Solid Weekly Workout Routine

People of all ages, genders, and sizes can be motivated to lead better lives by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He is the one everyone looks up to while trying to work out, whether it be for his motivational quotes or his tough workout. We are fortunate that The Rock revealed his weekly training schedule so that people like you can work toward living a healthy lifestyle. He frequently gets up early and runs for 30 to 50 minutes, either outside or on a treadmill, to start his day. He'll then walk into the gym and begin his daily routine, concentrating on a different body region each day of the week. He concentrates on his legs on day one and his back on day two. He works on his shoulders on day three, and his arms and abs on day four. His legs will be worked out again the next two days, followed by his chest. On day seven, he takes it easy and concentrates on eating a lot to help his muscles bulk up. He consumes roughly five meals a day, many of which are high in protein and other nutritious ingredients. The Rock couldn't have maintained his daily fitness regimen, no matter how absurd it may look, without passion and determination to succeed.


7 Gigi Hadid’s Model Workout

Television personality Gigi Hadid is well known for her Victoria's Secret runway appearances. Hadid must maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine in order to keep her model figure. Hadid uses weight training, volleyball, and boxing as her workout modalities. She continues to exercise every day while she is on the road. She occasionally switches to different aerobic exercises just to mix things up. Her weekly schedule includes Mondays of boxing or an alternative kind of cardio, Tuesdays of full-body training, Wednesdays of boxing again, Thursdays of another full-body training, Fridays of boxing again, and lastly, the weekends of recuperation. Hadid complements her exercise routine with a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Since it is commonly known that Hadid adores burgers, she also treats herself to them. She consumes supplements like multivitamins and protein drinks in addition to her diet to support her overall health and muscular growth.


6 Zac Efron’s Workout for Baywatch

If you watched the original Baywatch, you are aware that the show features characters with chiselled bodies doing beach rescues. Therefore, Zac Efron knew he had to fight to have the body the show is known for when he was cast in the most recent iteration of Baywatch. Patrick Murphy, a personal trainer based in Los Angeles, steps in to help. Murphy has experience working with Hollywood performers who are preparing for a part, and he is the mastermind behind Zac Efron's rigorous preparation for Baywatch. Murphy had to design a workout schedule that would need to evolve over time if Efron was to have the physique he wants.

The exercise is essentially a 10- to 20-drop set regimen for the entire body. The dynamic warm-up, which includes wall presses, standing leg swings, reverse lunges alternated with trunk rotation, and hip stretches with torso twists, comes first in the workout. The drop-set exercises are the next step, so proceed quickly:

Ten dumbbell lateral raises and twenty dumbbell lateral rises make up exercise one.

A set of 10 to 20 kettlebell squats make up exercise number two.

The next exercise entails performing 10 to 20 floor dumbbell chest presses.

Exercise four consists of 10 to 20 stiff-leg deadlifts using dumbbells.

Ten to twenty rows of incline bench dumbbells make up exercise number five.

Ten to twenty cable ab crunches starting from the knees make up the final workout.

Efron's exercise regimen evolved over time, going from two rounds each set to four rounds per set in the end.


5 Henry Cavill’s Training Regimen for The Witcher

The gym is nothing new to Henry Cavill. He has been exercising since he was a teenager, and he is aware of the requirements for success. But he knew he would need a fitness routine that would push him past his boundaries when it came time for him to train for his role as Geralt in The Witcher. Cavill has the necessary gym gear to stay in shape for his role in The Witcher thanks to the assistance of his strength coach, Dave Rienzi. Cavill begins the programme by working out in the morning. Then he concentrates on particular areas of his physique. He performs Romanian deadlifts using a resistance band for his glutes and hamstrings as well as hyperextensions on a glute ham machine. Oblique static holds for his abs. Three-way shoulder raises for his shoulders. Finally, he performs dumbbell curls for his biceps.


4 Ryan Reynold’s Workout for the Perfect Deadpool Body

The reason Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood's most well-liked stars is because of his physique. His exercise regimen is what gave him the ideal physique for Deadpool, and it also keeps him in shape when he isn't working on a movie. An NYC trainer named Don Saladino helped him with his exercise regimen. Warm-ups come first, then Reynold performs five rounds of each of the following exercises to get ready for his role as The Merc with the Mouth: kettlebell swings, front squats, barrel bench presses, general pull-ups, and farmer's walks. He always took a 30-second break before starting the next round.


3 Alessandra Ambrosio’s Diet and Workout for Victoria’s Secret Show

It's well known that Victoria's Secret brings out the finest in its models. But to look that good, you need more than just a talented makeup artist. Successful Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is a fitness expert. She exercises daily and follows a fairly rigid diet. Ambrosio works out every day for about an hour to an hour and a half. She acknowledged that if she is with friends or family, it can take longer. Tracy Anderson, her personal trainer, assists her in getting ready for Victoria's Secret Shows by working out the entire body. Whether she is at home or travelling affects her nutrition. From breakfast of eggs and avocado on toast to dinner of Brazilian barbecue and sushi.


2 Don Wildman’s Insane Workout

Don Wildman, a 75-year-old man, may be working out more than anyone else ever! There are sixteen groups of exercises in his "The Circuit" programme, and there is no respite in between. I can't even image doing this six times a week, therefore I only do it three times a week. Let's quickly review each of The Circuit's sixteen groups:

Group 1 consists of seated dumbbell curls and shoulder presses.

Group 2 consists of side crunches, seated leg raises, machine shoulder presses, and external rotator exercises using a prop.

Group 3: Rotator cuff rotations while lying down and pec deck flys.

Group 4 exercises include sitting leg lifts and machine bench presses.

Group 5: Sit-ups and seated lever rows

Group 6: cable crunches and lat pulldowns

Leg presses in Group 7

Group 8 consists of alternate sit-ups on an exercise ball and barbell upright rows.

Group 9: Back extensions and side crunches using a machine

Group 10: Calf raises and machine squats

Group 11: Neck extensions and lying leg curls

Leg extensions, group 12

Group 13: Alternating sit-ups and machine bicep curls

Sitting dips and seated scissors are in group 14

Group 15 consists of leg lifts with splits, side neck extensions, and lateral raises.

Front neck flexions and machine crunches are part of Group 16


1 Jason Momoa’s AR-7 Workout

Jason Momoa is a well-known name in the entertainment world best recognised for his performances as Aquaman in the DC Aquaman film series and Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. He is also recognised for being a fitness enthusiast and for adhering to an exercise regimen that maintains him at the top of his game. The AR-7 Program can help with this. Eric Laciste, a personal trainer, devised the Accelerated Results 7 (AR-7) Training Program. This special exercise regimen was created to get anyone in top shape quickly, therefore Momoa required it to attain the body he wanted for the part. As part of his AR-7 regimen, Momoa targets particular body areas for each of the five days of the week. He will perform flat and inclined bench presses, inclined bench dumbbell presses, plate push-ups, and chest dips on Monday to strengthen his chest. He'll practise medium and close grip pull-ups, reverse grip chin-ups, seated pulley rows, and reverse grip BB bent-over rows on Tuesday to strengthen his back. He will exercise his legs on Wednesday by performing stiff-legged deadlifts, bodyweight and bodyweight jump squats, and barbell back squats. He will perform medicine ball slams, kettlebell swings, burpees, leapfrogs, and 40-yard sprints on Thursday to strengthen his core. He will perform bodyweight dips, diamond pushups, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell triceps extensions on Friday to strengthen his arms and shoulders.


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