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1 Powerful Tool to Stop Your Materialism

Have you ever landed on online stores, seeing discounts and having an obsession in getting what they have offered? After ordering the products and arriving at your house, you realized these products did not meet your standards and you were going to throw them away? Unnecessary online shopping can be wasting your money and will inflate your wants and materialism. Here is a POWERFUL way to effectively stop your materialism.

By Emilia LauPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is an online visual platform and a search engine mainly for brands, bloggers, and artists. It has a gallery-like layout format perfect for finding inspirations. For those who are into aesthetics, Pinterest is their on-the-go platform because images always come first and catch their attention.

Your mind will be satisfied after making a Pinterest board.

We purchase most of the time because we want to own physical products and collect them so that we will be satisfied when looking at them, but after a week or two, we will forget how much we wanted those physical products and we will have new wants. In fact, we only wear 10% of our clothes and 90% of the stuff is idle at home without being touched for a long time. Our wants do not last forever. The moment we bought the product, our want of that product will be gone forever, and our sense of satisfaction will only last for several hours to a few days.

In order not to waste money on the things only giving you a limited time of satisfaction, replace purchasing by pinning images of your favourite stuff on Pinterest. Psychology shows that people will be satisfied when they see collections, including clothes, stationery, accessories, etc. Pinterest has a gallery-like layout that categorizes all the images you saved and shows you a collection of objects you want—that is why your mind will be satisfied after making a Pinterest board and saving images of your favourite objects.

Your subconscious mind will remember the materials you want and you will obtain them in a better way.

There is a story about a boy who cut images of cars, watches, and clothes from magazines and sticks them on to cardboard. He has been constantly looking at the cardboard dreaming to have those materials because his family and himself couldn't afford them. Many years later, this boy has become a successful businessman and he bought an amazing apartment. When he was moving houses, he found the piece of cardboard he was always staring at and in his surprise, he has obtained all the stuff he wanted when he was young.

Right now, you may not be able to afford a car or an apartment. Some people tend to borrow loans from banks to get what they want and as a result, they need to return the money to the bank and it will take them years of effort. The fact is, you can get what you want, but right now may not be the best time due to financial or location constraints. By looking at the vision board you have made, your subconscious mind will remember what you want and when you have reached the right timing, you will get to own the product.

You will be motivated to work harder and smarter.

By having a vision board, you will have a clearer idea on what you want to achieve, such as having concrete, physical stuff like a 4wd or a house, or abstract things like a loving family and spending time with friends. You will then have a plan on how to achieve your desires. Sometimes, your mind would pop up with a lot of desires and drives you to obtain them, but a few moments later you forgot what you actually wanted to achieve, so having a vision board can constantly remind you what your goals are.

If you really need those physical products, you will find a cheaper deal

There is too much information in this world, yet this information isn't totally accessible from us. That is why we need more time to do research. There are so many price competitions and different stores may sell the same product at different prices, so you don't want to be the one spending more money to get the same product from another store. Start pinning different sites bringing you to the same products on Pinterest and do a price comparison. This includes shipping fees and taxes. You will be surprised how much price difference different stores have offered.

Creating a vision board doesn't necessarily have to be on Pinterest. It can be made from your notebook, marking down the things you want or cutting images out from magazines and newspapers. Personally, I prefer Pinterest because it will save the website you looked for as well as the images for your future reference. Get a clear insight on what your goals are and you will be more motivated, hardworking, and also saving money. Happy Pinning!


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Emilia Lau

Emilia Lau is a Brisbane, Australia based director and producer. Emilia graduated from Queensland University of Technology with, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) and runs a photography company and instructs music.

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