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Take a Break from Your Business! 7 Ways to Not Being Worn Out

To the entrepreneurs out there, I know how motivated you are to reach out to clients, create resources, and provide value in order to help people and build your business, but focusing too much on your business can be unhealthy, just like drinking too much water could harm your body. Time management and a positive mindset is always an important life lesson, and balancing your work and personal life is one of the key elements to live a sustainable lifestyle.Here are 7 important things you need to know to not being worn out from your business.

By Emilia LauPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

1. Family and friends are more important.

There are a lot of people who are successful in their business/job but failed their family relationships and friendships because they have spent too much time working, put finance as their first priority, and neglected their family and friends. Remember, money comes and goes in a cycle, you will spend it then earn it back, but you can't do the same with any sort of relationship. When you lose a friend, you need a lot of time and effort to get it back. Also, life is unpredictable, so treasure the ones who love you, before realizing it is too late.

2. Saving Money

Saving money is important for your future. We all know that we need money to survive, to buy daily necessities, to pay our bills, tuition, and to buy luxuries such as the newest smartphone or going on a holiday. That is why we need to build a habit of saving money and not spending too much on what we want. A lot of people stress out because they want to earn more money, but in fact, if we accept how much we earn and start saving a little bit each month, wealth will come like a snowball.

Everyone can earn a million dollars. Some could earn a million dollars in months, some could earn in years, some could earn in decades, but they will still earn a million dollars. Wealth amasses just in a matter of time.

3. Being Grateful

Wealth starts increasing from the inside. Being grateful for what you have will soon make you realize that you are having the best things in the world: a living space, enough water, food, a smartphone, and most importantly, family and friends you cannot buy. People who are not grateful always think they are not getting enough and will try very hard to get "more money" for a better house or a better car, but once the "better stuff" is obtained, they will have more wants. Not being grateful will drag people into a vicious cycle of unsatisfaction, and using their excess energy to get what they want.

4. Take a break if you want to!

You control what you do, but you do not control what you think or how your body works, that is why physical and mental illnesses exist. If you think you could read a thousand emails in a day, or finish a proposal in two weeks, think twice! Your mind thinks you can do this, but your body may say no. If you feel slightly tired, trust your body that you ARE tired. Take a walk, grab a drink, take a nap, until your body starts functioning again.

5. Do a little bit each day.

If you feel overwhelmed because you need to create your online course, make freebies, update offers to your clients, meet clients face to face, and maintaining your personal, do not think you can handle them all in the same time! Do a little bit each day. Divide the work into segments to work on. This will make you feel less overwhelmed and having the motivation to get your work done. Seeing the segment of work, you will think, "This isn't that scary!"

6. One Thing at a Time

Focus on one task! We sure can multi-task, but the quality of our work will just not get any better. Focusing on your current task will improve your productivity and efficiency. It will also stop you from thinking "I need to finish this task, that task" and making you feel overwhelmed.

And most importantly...

7. Trust your gut!

As entrepreneurs, we have control of our clients and inputs. If you got an opportunity but those people/companies are not your ideal clients, DO NOT work with them! You are your own boss, and you are not working for anyone. These non-ideal clients will make you frustrated, lose motivation and are just difficult to deal with.

I hope you find this information useful and I wish you all the best in your business and life! xx Emz


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Emilia Lau

Emilia Lau is a Brisbane, Australia based director and producer. Emilia graduated from Queensland University of Technology with, Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) and runs a photography company and instructs music.

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