Emilia Lau

An entrepreneur, photographer, and performer who started a successful portrait photography business at the age of 19. I would love to help you to set up your own successful, creative business.



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1 Powerful Tool to Stop Your Materialism
a month ago
Have you ever landed on online stores, seeing discounts and having an obsession in getting what they have offered? After ordering the products and arriving at your house, you realized these products did not meet your standards and you were going to throw them away? Unnecessary online shopping can be wasting your money and will inflate your wants and materialism. Here is a POWERFUL way to effectively stop your materialism.
Take a Break from Your Business! 7 Ways to Not Being Worn Out
2 months ago
To the entrepreneurs out there, I know how motivated you are to reach out to clients, create resources, and provide value in order to help people and build your business, but focusing too much on your business can be unhealthy, just like drinking too much water could harm your body. Time management and a positive mindset is always an important life lesson, and balancing your work and personal life is one of the key elements to live a sustainable lifestyle.Here are 7 important things you need to know to not being worn out from your business.
5 Biggest Mistakes Portrait Photographers Make Online
2 months ago
There are sometimes clients or models feel uncomfortable or awkward working with photographers, but photographers cannot relate or do not understand where the uneasy feeling comes from. Fitting in a p...
10 Instagram Fashion/Lingerie Pages That Feature Your Posts
2 months ago
After reading my other blog "16 Instagram Travel Feature Accounts That Feature Your Posts," here is a blog post dedicated to portrait photographers who want to showcase their work to more Instagrammer...
16 Instagram Travel Feature Accounts That Feature Your Posts
3 months ago
Feature accounts are great resources to make your Instagram posts be seen by more people who are not following you. Instagram users who are following these feature pages will see their repost of your ...
How to Build a Lead and Client Empire from Instagram Only!
3 months ago
Let's face it, Instagram is now not only a communication tool, but a portable billboard on your phone! People can be Insta-famous in a short amount of time. Hence, your business can also thrive on Ins...