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You Will Never OVERTHINK Again

For Those who Overthink

By Aafreen AliPublished 28 days ago β€’ 3 min read
You Will Never OVERTHINK Again
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Title: "The Weight of Memories: A Journey to Overcoming Overthinking"

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in ancient China, there lived a boy named Chen. Despite his kind heart, Chen carried a burden that weighed heavily on his young shouldersβ€”he couldn't shake off the memories of past hurt. Every unkind word spoken to him echoed endlessly in his mind, consuming his thoughts and leaving him feeling trapped in a cycle of negativity. This constant overthinking not only isolated him from others but also hindered his ability to focus on his studies and chores.

One day, an observant old villager noticed Chen's troubled demeanor and suggested he seek guidance from a Zen monk known for aiding those burdened by their troubles. Taking the villager's advice to heart, Chen embarked on a journey to visit the wise monk in a nearby village. Pouring out his heart to the monk, Chen shared the turmoil caused by his incessant overthinking.

With a serene demeanor, the Zen monk listened attentively to Chen's tale, empathizing with his struggles. Without uttering a single word, the monk rose and disappeared into the depths of the monastery, leaving Chen to ponder his actions. Anticipation gnawed at Chen's thoughts as he awaited the monk's return, wondering what wisdom he would impart.

After a thoughtful pause, the Zen monk emerged, bearing a simple glass of water in his hand. Puzzled by this unexpected gesture, Chen watched intently as the monk posed a question, "What is the weight of this glass?"

Perplexed, Chen hesitated before responding, "A little."

Nodding in acknowledgment, the monk continued his inquiry, "And if I hold this glass for an hour, what will happen?"

"It will feel a little heavy," Chen replied, grasping the essence of the monk's teachings.

With a gentle smile, the monk pressed on, "And if I hold it for a day, your hand will start to hurt."

"Exactly," Chen affirmed.

Seizing the moment, the monk drove home his point, "But did the weight of the glass change during that time?"

"No, it stayed the same," Chen replied, a glimmer of understanding dawning upon him.

"Correct," the monk affirmed, his wisdom piercing through the veil of confusion. "And what can I do to make the pain go away?"

"Put the glass down," Chen answered, his voice tinged with realization.

With a nod of approval, the Zen monk imparted a timeless truth, "Just like that glass of water, our troubles may feel heavy at first. But if we hold onto them for too long, they can become overwhelming. The key is to let go of our worries and focus on the present moment."

Chen absorbed the monk's words like a sponge, feeling the weight of his burdens begin to lift. With newfound clarity, he resolved to release the grip of his past troubles and embrace the beauty of the present. Slowly but surely, Chen learned to apply the monk's teachings in his daily life, letting go of his overthinking tendencies and finding solace in the simplicity of the moment.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Chen noticed a profound transformation taking place within him. The heavy burden that once weighed him down had been replaced by a sense of lightness and peace. With each passing day, Chen's heart grew lighter, and his spirit soared with newfound freedom.

In the end, Chen realized that the true measure of strength lies not in the weight of our burdens but in our ability to release them and embrace the beauty of the present moment. And so, armed with the wisdom of the Zen monk, Chen embarked on a journey of self-discovery, embracing each moment with gratitude and joy.

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