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Why Is Tai Chi Beneficial For Millennials?

by Dan Martin 5 months ago in fitness / health / mental health / lifestyle

Tai chi isn't just for senior citizens. Millennials who practice tai chi can reap both mental and physical benefits from this ancient martial art.

Millennials is a broadly defined term for those born in the ‘80s and ‘90s. They came of age at the turn of the century and with the introduction of the internet. Technology has always been a factor in their daily life and as a group, they’re known for heavy work schedules with its attendant high levels of stress and fatigue. And of course, work and family pressures can adversely affect how we think, feel, and behave.

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art practice that can teach self-defense, fitness training, improved healthy habits and meditation. Its popularity has spread far beyond China, and many countries, including the U.S., have adopted it. Millennials find tai chi to be a beneficial practice for stress reduction as well as promoting good health and positivity in general. It can provide many benefits to foster a comfortable and peaceful life.

Benefits of Tai Chi For Millennials

1. Improves Physical Health

Many millennials find it challenging to maintain personal health goals with their busy work schedules. But regular practice in tai chi can maximize their potential in every aspect. Tai chi is a slow and gentle practice in which we stay focused on our body movement and breathing. It promotes flexibility, mind and body balance, as well as increased overall physical strength--and without the use of heavy weights.

Tai chi can be far more beneficial than jogging or walking. It is an easy, flowing practice for any age. Daily practice can help to improve digestion as well as balance hormone levels in the body. Even fitness trainers recommend this form of exercise to their clients for improved physical fitness and wellbeing.

2. Fights Depression

Although our ‘20s are typically known as the years of fun and adventure, depression is common. Many people in their ‘20s experience ups and downs in relationships, rejection, anxiety, and family pressures. Their overall view of the world is affected and sometimes, even suicide is considered.

Depression can reduce your interest in doing any activity. It can also degrade a person’s health. People can become angry at little things and find that they can't concentrate on work. Depressed people can harm others as well as themselves. Tai chi can be beneficial in reducing mental stress and calming the mind. To minimize the effects of depression, psychiatrists often encourage a calm approach to challenges and obstacles.

Tai chi is a mixture of mind and body control. It is a combination of physical movements and meditation; two elements that work well to mitigate depression. It lifts moods and promotes relaxation. Tai chi is helpful because it is gentle and calming and has a natural flow. By managing our stress response, we’ll see a reduction in anxiety.

3. Improves Focus

Concentration is necessary for performing any task with energy and precision. Millennials have struggled with concentration as they deal with an increase in mental stress. Their health, sleep, and diet are impacted because of heavy workloads and other significant stressors.

As we practice tai chi, we focus on our breath which helps to improve mental wellbeing and improve our powers of concentration. Regular practice can help to create mental calmness and teach us to think with a calm mind.

Practicing tai chi for at least 20 minutes per day can also improve brain power. Tai chi not only includes physical movements, but also breath control, helping to regulate the flow of blood to every part of the body. In this way, millennials are better able to maintain a positive attitude.

With proper focus, productivity at work or study can be improved. It teaches us to be calm and focused while performing any task. With a reduction in stress levels, we can give our best to our home and work life.

4. Helps Against Chronic Diseases

The world is beset by a multitude of problems including pollution and climate change. We discover new diseases every day. Too many people lose their lives due to infection and complications from chronic diseases. We need to keep our bodies strong enough to defend against daily stressors as well as dangerous diseases and conditions.

Poor healthcare and nutrition can contribute to the problems we all face. The practice of tai chi has shown positive results in a reduction of heart disease and can strengthen the body’s immune system and natural defenses. Those with chronic disease may find tremendous benefit in this practice.

Tai chi will strengthen core strength and stamina, increase lung capacity, blood circulation, and mental clarity.

5. Improves Quality Of Life

Tai chi has become a common practice in improving the quality of life for millennials. Many millennials are dealing with challenges in every aspect of life from education to their jobs to parenting. Tai chi helps to change negative thought patterns to positive patterns from which improvements can be made. It teaches people to stay calm and bring a gentleness toward themselves and others into each new situation in life, whether it be in joy or sorrow.

Combining breath and movement boosts blood flow to the brain and keeps neurons active. It also helps with getting a better night sleep.

Tai chi focuses on meditation, relaxation and breathing; improving the quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety. Benefits will be realized within the family, and at work or school.

Final Thoughts

Tai chi is practiced by people all over the world. Millennials especially love tai chi as it is versatile and easy to perform. Some millennials want to gain physical strength while some want relaxation and stress relief. It is beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing. Even a small practice can be refreshing and beneficial for your health. We can listen to tai chi music as we practice to help maintain body balance and improve sensitivity.

Anyone can practice tai chi at any age: from childhood to old age. Find a teacher who knows tai chi and start practicing this ancient art. You can transform your physical, mental, and spiritual life.

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Dan Martin
Dan Martin
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