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Waves of Destiny: A Journey Across Troubled Waters

Navigating Perilous Waters and Unforeseen Challenges

By Solomon OdipoPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Three individuals embarked on a trip to an island located in Lake Victoria. The trio consisted of two men in their late thirties and a grandmother, aged around seventy-two at the time. They planned to voyage from the mainland to an island to trade their goods. So, the necessary items required for the sailing were set aside and the boat filled with the goods a day before. The following morning at around eight o'clock, the journey commenced. After rowing the boat a few meters away from the lakeshore, they set their sail. It was time to visit an island that was about seven hours away while sailing. The lake was tranquil, with a gentle breeze blowing at a moderate speed, creating ideal conditions for smooth sailing without any tumultuous waves or disruptions for the travelers.

As the hours passed, the weather took a sinister turn. The once serene lake was now a tumultuous expanse of frothy waves, whipped into a frenzy by relentless winds. Thick, brooding clouds loomed overhead, casting a pall of gloom over the scene. Rain lashed down in torrents, obscuring nearby boats from view and shrouding the surroundings in a veil of mist. By this time, the mast had already been broken due to the strong winds and the sail disappeared into the roaming water. Each gust of wind felt like a malevolent force, threatening to capsize the boat with every violent lurch. The sailor drenched to the bone and shivering in the cold, fought desperately to maintain control amidst the chaos.

Despite their best efforts, the boat was tossed about like a mere plaything, at the mercy of the tempest's wrath. What made the situation to be more interesting, was that out of the three people on board, only one person could swim. Very interesting and dramatic. Devanjo, the sailor, was the only person who could swim. So, he had the tremendous task of rescuing two people and himself. By this time, the boat had turned upside down and the three were left floating on the strange waters like lost strangers in a mysterious land. Devanjo, the great swimmer, started by rescuing the almost-drowned grandmother. Devanjo had to dive for a few meters before holding the grandmother and bringing her to the water's surface.

The other guy who had not sunk but was confused and was going after his newly bought clothes which were being swept away by the angry waves in a bag. Devanjo had to stop this guy from going after his clothes since the winds were so strong that he could have failed to return to the boat since the wind was blowing against him on the return journey in case he could have gone after the clothes. Their savior in this scary situation was the capsized boat. They had to hold onto it until the rescue came which was not guaranteed. They got hold of the boat while their body sunk into the water. After some hours, the weather calmed down, though the lake was still wavy. Devanjo had a bigger role to play during that period since he had to go after the grandmother who would sometimes get tired and let the boat go off her hands thereby sinking.

At around four o'clock the same day in the evening, a rescue boat arrived and these guys escaped death after spending around five hours in the water. The grandmother by the time of rescue could not speak and her skin was pale and wrinkled like never before. Devanjo, the sailor after the rescue was very ok and when you meet him, you wouldn’t know that he was someone who has just escaped death. Devanjo headed to the shopping center, grabbed a cup of coffee, and then proceeded to the movie theater to round off his day. The day appeared ordinary to him, and he seemed unaffected by it all. Life demands courage, particularly when circumstances seem to conspire against us. What adds a tragic element to this narrative is that among the three individuals, only one remains alive today: the grandmother.


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