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Trust Your Goodness

by Angie Sanchez 5 years ago in how to / humanity / longevity magazine / advice
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We're all influenced by our surroundings until we're not.

Liberate yourself. Photo by Richard Muñoz

About five years ago I was hanging out in a room with people that I would consider to be like family. I remember them bluntly saying “Angie if you want to get places and have success you have to be a b*tch.” Remember these were people I considered family, I trusted their advice and respected their opinions. However, this time was different, this time life had shown me that you could be a “b*tch” and get places but that comes at the cost of your reputation, frustration, and when you look at it big picture it's such a short-term approach to life.

I decided to speak up. To stand up for what resonated with me, what felt light to me. I then said, “I'm going to be good, why not?” They stared at me as if I were crazy needless to say that was one of the last times I saw them.

The truth is because I chose to immerse myself in a variety of environments not only with these friends but with other friends from different cultures and various backgrounds I learned that the world was much more expansive than our immediate realities. That is how I knew there wasn't this "one" way to be successful in our world.

You see there's something about kindness that people remember.

Maya Angelou once said, “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Here are 3 tips to reinforce you to TRUSTING YOUR GOODNESS.

Surround yourself with people that are doing GREAT THINGS.

When I say great things I mean people that return a wallet that fell on the floor, open the door for someone or even say thank when someone opens the door for them, they make eye contact with a waiter or waitress while they take an order at a restaurant.

This behavior is contagious and admirable! And it feels AMAZING! Think of a time someone was kind to you, how did that make you feel?


Listen to how your body feels when people are talking to you or how your body feels when you're listening to something on the radio or television. For example, if someone comes to you to gossip about the new employee in the office. Tune into your body and notice how this particular information feels. If you are participating in the gossip, then your body will resonate with the other person. If you do not partake in it, your body will reject what the person is saying. Stay true to yourself and keep your essence light.

There is an addiction to drama that we as a society are programmed to enjoy the key here is to be AWARE when the adrenaline to this addiction kicks in. You can then separate entertainment and truth by becoming aware.

Remember, the truth will always feel good, light, uplifting, and honest. The Truth feels like home.

Honor Yourself

When you're surrounding yourself with people that are doing good in this world, you become aware of the messages you are exposing yourself to on every end of the scale, "negative and positive." When you are true to who you are the results are integrity and honor within yourself.

Fall in love with your kindness and ultimately consider it a gift to the world!

Your contribution is uplifting the vibration and mood of those around you.

You're setting an example, you are lifting the bar of humanity. Honor and recognize that person within you.

In addition, fall in love with moments when you catch yourself doing something out of your norm, moments when you make a mistake because mistakes are just an opportunity for you to formulate a new reality.

Trust your goodness. It will not only lead to an abundance of possibilities, but it will also carry out longevity in the ripple effect of your every interaction. Trust your intentions. Trust your heart. Go against the grain and raise your bar by being an example.

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About the author

Angie Sanchez

I'm Angie, a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist using QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), Artist, and Youtuber. Proud BIG SISTER & eldest of 36 first cousins (this one always makes me smile).

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