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Tropic Duet- Your Gemini Horoscope

by Danny Fantom 2 months ago in spirituality

Happy birthday, you nerds.

Tropic Duet- Your Gemini Horoscope
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Season: May 20 - June 21

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Mercury

Happy birthday Gemini babes! You wonderfully intuitive creatures; knowledgeable and curious, loving and charming. The air is warming, the earth rises from a wintry slumber, and we're still in this fucking pandemic. As (generally speaking) an incredibly sociable sign, this past year has been hard for you hasn't it? You've been restricted, and unable to bask in the buzz of a good time like you have been perhaps.

Things have been set in motion, and your season will be particularly . . . eventful. Perhaps you've gotten your vaccine and are suddenly aglow with the fervor of renewed life. This isn't even my season and I've noticed some strange coincidences and matters of behavior and dealings in my life. Pro tip this year: Don't underestimate rum runners. The spring is warmer than usual, bringing about a more bold and bare spirit. Soak in the warmth of the sun that blesses your skin, and remember to keep cool! Hydrate your body, yes, but also keep a cool mein. Your daily affirmations to keep as fluid and powerful as the liquid that gives us life will be your best spiritual defense. Seriously practice breathing exercises, your element has been strong lately, and the changes it brings through the lands will be interesting to watch.

The world is spinning as same as ever, and yet so much of our lives are filled with new twists and tumult. It is in your favor to utilize those sharp minds you possess to assess your lives and surroundings. Learn more about yourself by analyzing world news and your knee-jerk reactions to it. Learn even more about yourself by assessing the people you've kept closest to you. With the Sun shining upon your glorious sign, you must consider what face you show to it, and to the outside world at large. Has there been any noticeable changes to your personality or body since the last Gemini season? Should there be? Now would be a time to reflect upon your ascendant house- if you haven't found out this information, consider doing so! The knowledge can only ever be of interest to you; nothing can seriously affect you unless you truly wish it to. Seek to keep you ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs in harmony this season especially, but it never hurts to ensure that continued flow all year long.

Take care though: Mercury Retrograde will come about at the end of May and go through the rest of your season. Remember, this is a particularly bizarre time when connections are starting to erode from the backwards progression . . . something even more concerning for you considering your ruling planet is the Swift Planet. Now isn't the time to be making rash decisions or bulldozing into new pursuits. Still waters run deep, and now is the time to explore those warm, deep currents inside you. Take stock of what the past year has done for, to, and with you. Best to leave any new innovations or understandings for at least two weeks after retrograde ends . . . but don't let that stop you from enjoying your birthday okay?

All in all, please remember that caution is always well advised, and that silver tongue you're so well known for works far better than bony fists and blunt epithets. Pick up one of those books lying untended on your shelf! Clean out your closet, your contact list, and your mind. Your gilded words have even more of an effect on yourself than it does others, so please take care of how you speak about yourself during this time of charged energy.

Danny Fantom
Danny Fantom
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