ThetaHealing Can Give You a Life With Flo

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Flo Ankah offers ThetaHealing for Manhattan Creatives and others.

ThetaHealing Can Give You a Life With Flo

On her website, Flo Ankah states a focus on empowering creatives and entertainment professionals. On the other hand, she doesn’t limit inspiration to those who are all about putting on a show. “We are creative when we find solutions so you can be an accountant, a lawyer or a stock broker and be creative,” says the New York City actress, singer, etc, etc. But either way, moving on comes under the same guise for anyone who chooses ThetaHealing® for a coaching session.

“It helps people realize what is stuck in their subconscious that’s not allowing them to go forward,” says Ankah. “So we go on a ride of discovery into your subconscious mind.”

The past can hold you back.

This can amount to past trauma, family resentments, and fears that, in turn, may make you the impediment. “If you desire something truly with all your heart, and it’s not in your life, then in a way it means you are blocking it,” Ankah says from her Manhattan apartment.

The Broadway part you cherish, for instance. So the client may be held up by a lacking of love from their mother, and the practitioner unravels the limiting dynamic. “We would change the belief to, ‘I know what it’s like to be loved unconditionally by a mother’,” she says confidently.

Freedom emerges by looking inside. “It’s a tool of introspection when dreams and desires come from your heart,” she says. “As a result, the realization allows the person to create an impetus to overcome the issues and let go.”

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Ride the Beta Wave.

This reality rather than pushing goals from the mind. However, the shift requires a slower speed. “The physical aspect of ThetaHealing takes into account the various speed of brain waves,” she says.

Theta waves are the optimum crescendo. "When we tap into the meditation state, our brain slows down. Theta waves are close to our subconscious,” she says. “We gain access to the memories, and we are able to shift how we perceive experiences to unveil the patterns that are still limiting us."

The actual session accesses power of the mind through the prism of words and hand-holding touch. "It’s psycho-energetic. So basically through dialogue and energy reading, we discover what is not in balance,” says the French-born practitioner.

This also means being able to intuitively get a read on the client through a line of questions, but nothing proceeds without permission. “You have verbal consent every step of the way, so it feels very safe and easy,” Ankah says. “Anybody can do it. That's why I enjoy teaching it for anyone to tap into this ability and become certified to practice on themselves and others."

Nathan Shultz can concur on the affect. “I give Flo’s Basic ThetaHealing training my highest recommendation. She is a true gem—down to earth, fun, and collaborative. Flo understands and expresses the material so intuitively it is so easy to get it. I walked away energized, loaded with tools and techniques, and confident having successfully performed impactful healings live in the training,” said the business advisor.

Otherwise, as the subconscious thoughts evolve, it directly impacts the body on a cellular level and in the energy field of the body. The magnetic field of the person become aligned with what we seek to attract. “You can easily attract the life, relationships, and success you want to experience,” she asserts.

The process of a coaching session also siphons out the toxic relationships that can hold dreams back. But one may still suffer at the hands of misdirection that can obscure due north for their life. “They haven’t decided what their main thing is,” she says. “I can help them decide what they really want and make their heart sing.” It creates a safe space to align our energetic vibration.

She’s also a customer.

Ankah’s personal journey also enlisted the precepts as a student. “As an actor, you really need to know what you bring to the table,” she says. “So yeah, that’s what I’ve used to unfold as a human being.”

One of her main epiphanies involved surrender. “I thought I had to do everything on my own and didn’t know how to be supported by a team of like-minded, passionate people,” she says.

However, the shift from study to practitioner required realization. “There was a moment where it clicked in my mind, and I realized this makes so much sense,” she said.

That left Ankah with the distinct desire to do it for others, and there’s no turning back now that she’s arrived.

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