The Secrets to Staying Young and Beautiful

by Nina Sanders 2 years ago in aging

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The Secrets to Staying Young and Beautiful

Aging is a natural and inevitable process. However, aging gracefully doesn’t have to mean sitting back and enjoying the ride without trying to slow it down. There are still many things you can do to keep your youthful appearance and beauty for as long as you can, without them being distasteful. So if you are ready, here are a few beauty and anti-aging secrets you should know about, ranging from daily routine tricks to more serious endeavors.

Protect your skin from the sun.

Sun can be your skin’s friend because it gives it the much needed vitamin D. Still if you expose your skin too much to the sun and especially if that happens when the sun is at its strongest, it can significantly speed up the aging process. So, how to shield your skin from this bad influence? There are several ways. First, and the most important one, is applying sunscreen every time you go outside (yes, even during the winter). Sunglasses are also useful, but for full face coverage and staving off hyperpigmentation, make hats a part of your outdoor outfit.

Skincare for Your Skin Type

All-skin-types products are usually pure nonsense because all of us expect different effects from each product. The most ideal solution would be to have a beautician who prepares creams and lotions for your unique skin, but since that is near impossible, you can always find a product line which matches your skin type (e.g. oily, dry, normal).

A Seasonal Routine

You don’t wear the same clothes during the summer and winter, so why would you use the same skin products for both seasons? Cold weather causes skin cracking, irritation, and chapping, while warm weather requires extra protection from sunburn. Moisturizing is essential for every season, but during winter and autumn months it is more important than ever. Also, extra tip for each season: don’t forget your neck and cleavage when taking care of your face.

Rejuvenating Facials

Despite all the skincare products and protection, sometimes the years take their toll, and you need a little extra help to take back your skin’s previous glow. Fortunately, today there are dozens of efficient anti-aging facials you can try out, such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma, medical skin needling, thread lift, and eyelid skin tightening.

Keep your body in shape.

A healthy diet and exercise are crucial not only for keeping you looking good and making your clothes fit better, they can also shave years off your age and improve your health to the point where you will look much younger than you really are. It also keeps your skin glowing, improves your posture and flexibility, helps you sleep better, and slows down aging.

Get some help with that.

Sometimes exercising is not enough to get your body in the shape you want it to be, and that’s OK. We can’t all look like supermodels. Still, there are ways to get rid of persistent belly fat and look much better. If you are dealing with just a slight surplus in that area, you can try with non-invasive procedures, such as coolsculpting, and if you have more problem areas with more than a slight surplus, there are a lot of sensational procedures. As you are reading this, 3D liposuction in Perth and other Aussie cities is becoming one of the most popular ways to get an athletic and sensual body shape with minimal effort.

Take care of your looks.

Sure, beauty is not skin deep and the outfit and hair do not make a woman, but they can be used to make you look more beautiful and younger. For example, shorter hairstyles or well-nourished shiny hair can be instant rejuvenators. Also, dressing for your figure is very important. You shouldn’t constrain yourself to dark and moody color tones; green, yellow, and red can look great on you regardless of your age and actually make you look a couple of years younger.

Finally, put a smile on that face — there is no better way to look young than feeling young. Surround yourself with positive, outgoing people, have fun, and be happy — that’s what it’s all about.

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