The Rising Tide Of TikTok And People With Disabilities

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Tiktok is a fun platform for entertainment, awareness and expression!

The Rising Tide Of TikTok And People With Disabilities
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Laden with cobwebs, face hidden with white chalk she stares at me in a ghost costume and gently says: ''Boo!". The half-eaten ice-cream bar and the greed for M&Ms was forgotten as I offered her my arm and squeaked back a hi. I think it was that moment when 11 year old me thought she was my soulmate. Boy, was I wrong.

I was a skinny, Asian kid no matter how much my mother stuffed my face with food. I only got hungry in the middle of the night and would climb up the stool, careful to pick it up all the way on the way to the cupboard, lest my mum comes barging in with a broom intent on finding the thief who empties the pantry and leaves the door wide open.

My girlfriend left me several months later for a guy who could ride a skateboard and I shut myself in my room, face muffled in an old Gryffindor hoodie and vowed never to open the door of my room.

As you well know, I did open my door and emerged stronger and wiser, intent on making the world know my worth. We all have been there, haven't we?

Oh to be young and in love.

My sentiments exactly Jaime. This tiktok made me laugh a lot and also made me remember that unfortunate incident of the past.

Do turtles scare you? They terrify me. This turtle did make me scream, I'm not going to lie. I thought he'll gently bite on the chip and chomp on it adorably like the little baby turtle with the strawberry. So it was very unexpected when he did this:

Generally, I enjoy funny animal Tiktoks (Who doesn't). Tiktok has risen in its ability to reach a vast audience all over the world, who enjoy spending their time on this platform; There were a myriad of funny animal videos to choose from but I settled for this turtle one.


One thing this Tiktok platform has done superbly is give voice to people of different abilities. It has highlighted the problems and prejudice people with Down Syndrome face and also how they go by their lives. In one of the tiktok video by National Down Syndrome Society (@ndssorg), a woman with Down Syndrome highlights the prejudice she faces and urges us to do better. Honestly, Tiktok has done a tremendous job in raising political awareness in me and made me realized the needs of the disabled community.

People with Down Syndrome deserve equal rights just like our fellow citizens. Before this Tiktok, I wasn't aware that they are treated being treated this way by our Government. It made me not only think differently but helped me realize what sort of people I want to vote for in the coming elections of 2020. I want my mates with Down syndrome paid exactly what I am being paid. I want them to be able to marry the people they love without the threat of having their benefits taken away. I want Youtube videos to be captioned irrespective of the ability to pay for subscriptions. I don't want platforms like Youtube profiting off the need for captions for deaf and other people with needs. Accessibility is a right.

People with Down Syndrome are the kindest people I know. They deserve our protection just like other minority groups. Politicians, hear me! Please do better in protecting their rights. Treating them as less than other citizens because they are disabled is so wrong.

I'll end this challenge with my favorite and most wholesome Tiktok video out there. Isn't she the cutest? Joey certainly made us smile.


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