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The Only 5 Exercises You Need To Lose Weight

Easiest Work Out Ever Drops Now

By Chelsea SwiftPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Confused about exercise? Confused about weight loss? Don't be. All exercises (yes, even the super complicated ones) are all based off of five simple movements.

Mhm. No major sets or over-analyzing your heart rate required, you just have to follow these 5 basic forms of exercise to see major results.

So, raise your hand if you don't feel like working out, today?

That's all of us, now, please raise your hand if you are still confused by exercise?

Again, most of us and I feel you. The good news is, you're in the right place and you've found the right blog post, especially, if you want to drop weight and tone up.

The truth is everything in life is simple (including exercise) so I want to help you feel more confident that your workout is actually working.

Fact #1: All you need is your body to start working out. Fact #2: We only need to perform a series of very basic moves to get results.

Before we begin, for these particular exercises, you want to focus on using your body weight, breathing through the motions, slowly, and really taking your time.

The goal is to really de-stress while you connect with your body, engage your muscles, and reach an elevated heart rate. Also, it's more important to go slow and get the proper form down than it is to rush through reps like a psycho.

Here are the Top 5 Basic Exercises to try at home (in this sequence) that will also bring you lots of results, quickly.

1. Push Ups: The O.G move to get fit quick.

2. Squats: Booty WERK. Enough Said.

3. Planks: Please See GIF For More Information.

I mean, he's not wrong, when you first start planking you literally start crying in front of your peers with little to no control, so this exercise is at your own risk boo, boo. I'm kidding, honestly, if I could only do one exercise, I'd seriously just plank - it engages your entire body and you feel like a champion when you're done holding one.

Here's a few plank variations to try out below:

4. Lunges - Walking lunges and split lunges work out almost all of your lower body while getting your heart rate up.

5. Hip Thrusts - The most awkward move to do in the gym aka even more of a reason to try this at home today.

And, that's it! Those are the 5 basic moves that you can do at home to feel like you're actually working out/ getting results.

Kettle bell swings, dumbbell press, dead lifts, pull ups, you name it; those advanced versions are all "derived" from these base exercises. To be honest, the only thing that ever "changes" as you "progress" in the gym, is your level of fitness; that's when you begin to "up" the challenge for your body by adding more complexity to these basic movements; so these are truly the 5 moves that help you tone up, build a butt and slim your waist down.

The best part is this sequence can be done anywhere in the world. In a hotel, on the beach, in your living room and there are no phones or timers required. Just pick a set amount and start working out.

I personally, try to add reps and weights; but when I am no where near a gym, I just give myself a set number to complete. For example " 50" of each exercise or "250" of each exercise.

Here is an example of a 100 workout | that you can try today!

  • 100 Push ups
  • 100 Squats
  • 100 Plank (count to 100)
  • 100 Lunges
  • 100 Hip Thrusts

Add as many reps or splits as needed, but this sequence always works + helps me tone up without over complicating it.

As someone who has successfully lost 50 pounds, I can tell you the best way to say on track is to just keep it simple and do what works for you!

For more motivation + + weight loss tips + positive vibes, check out my podcast: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal | on Spotify, Pandora or Apple.


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