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by amanda warwick 10 months ago in spirituality
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spiritualisum and a need to live freely

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For almost our whole lives we are told that to focus on nothing but selfishness and heartless, like being too sensitive or self-loathing is a bad thing, that should never be allowed to come to the surface, because people think it’s wrong or whatever else people want to about self-care and productive rest or mindfulness practices.

but to me, taking time out for myself and allowing the stored energy of the day to roam free and unlock itself, is a vital part of my daily life. If we always keep our emotions hidden and out of sight and mind, we are throwing ourselves in the line of fire by not allowing ourselves to release any of that stuck energy that leads to us not feeling anything.

What I normally do to take some needed me-time in a world that would like nothing more than for us to be the robots we see that are slowly taking our world as their own - emotionless, never getting sick and never needing mental health days - is carve out at least two days to sit own and look inward and meditate on what I need and not bother about the world dying for a few days, while still trying to get swept up in me, me, me! Which is very difficult when you’re trying to heal all the unwanted stuff from your day-to-day life. I also write and turned my deepest, darkest thoughts into books a lot of people don’t mind reading. Writing for me is very spiritual and I don’t know why, but it feels like I can write with my eyes closed, that’s how natural it is for me to do. Writing for me is also a way to word through the worries of the week. Considering I am an author, it is pretty useful for me to get away from my work and take even more me time to feel centred and refreshed. Meditation is a key part of my daily practice. I enjoy meditating because it allows my brain and energy to flow freely and I am pretty sure my psychic abilities help me with my writing, so it is, really, really important to keep those doors open and clean. Because the energy system is not clean then I feel stuck, and if I feel stuck, I am in no condition to work. And that is no good for anyone and if I go too many days without writing then I sink deeper into a hole of sadness and it takes even more healing meditation time to find myself again. So for me, my hobbies are more like must do things to keep my mental state from going crazy with the wind.

I also walk around with no shoes on as that helps me stay grounded and connected to Gaia or mother earth. (or whatever god or goddess you worship or work with if any)

Aside from the spiritual stuff do (breathwork, meditation, tarot card readings, thanking the gods and universe for all the lessons and messages I may have received during the day, energy work and a few other things which I’d prefer not to bring up)

I watch a shit tone of movies and read a lot. Reading isn’t as easy as writing is for me, as it takes two weeks for me to read a 300+ page book, but I still enjoy doing it.

I have read around 50 books in the last two years, most of them being reads of the skulduggery pleasant series. I wasn’t going to bring it up, but it was the reason I wanted to be an author in the first place. Aside from books and movies, I like spending time outside to once again feel connected to spirit and the universe. Some days I spend the entire day outside if the rain has gone away for at least a week. Other days I do y spiritual work in my room and don’t even focus

on the outside world.

Regardless of all the stuff, I do to keep a level-head among the chaos of my daily life, it is important that whoever is reading takes what you are reading right now and apply whatever you feel works for you in this piece of writing to destress and remain calm and balanced, as my mission in life is to write stories and other writings to help raise the planet’s vibration and awaken people from the system that has been keeping you under lock and key since the day you were created.


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