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A journey with the nature

By Esala GunathilakePublished 14 days ago 3 min read

Have you ever been with nature? Have you bidden with nature? Have you felt nature? Have you breathed through nature? Then, you may be grasping even a speck of reality because nature is a place that helps people absorb life comprehension. And if you haven’t yet, no worries! Nature is always compromising all of us.

The majority of people cannot explain the flavor they receive by nature as it is such a subtle feeling to describe or get over the mind. I could hardly manage to express it in front of you, nevertheless I believe it is a challenge. Close your eyes and dive into a deep thought that you are in front of a friend river! Indeed, the river is a friend because he can calm us according to the waveform he generates. Can you remember the flowing sound of a friend river? Indeed, yeah I can. I can’t help but fly into a place where an esraj or a sitar is being played. That sound is such a wonderful melody for me and I think for a majority of you. I believe and have felt that Friend Rivers are able to purify our eyes the same as the clear water they piggyback, as we see him. Consequently, our thoughts join the flow of a river and start to oscillate mimicking the water and as time goes by our mind settles down to get an inner rest. So, the river is a cradle for me.

Jungle, forest and woodland. Oh. They are my dear friends! How could I forget them? No, I couldn’t. They are a museum for me to identify the unseen ruins of the ancient plant heritage. They are an infirmary for me to explore the valuable plants that give out the real medicinal essence to cure living beings. They are a rest house for me to feel the cream of the oxygen that I inhale and to make my thoughts empty inside the mind. They are a graveyard for me to figure out that we would be injured, we would decay, we would be sick, we would be inanimate, and so on and finally, we are asserted to die. Because if I see everywhere in their body, there is even a decayed leaf at least in a single place, which showcase the life reality. So, my dear forest, respect to you.

And what happens or what will happen, if you look at the sky on a gloomy night that is still and quiet? You would see stars, constellations and many other celestial bodies that don’t have a name but are called by an imaginary name created by you. Just think about the experience in the planetarium or a camp with your close friends. You may dive into the world of the sky without shouting but keeping sturdy quiet inside you. So again, the sky can cool us.

So, if I summarise the point I want to tell you, there is a hidden energy that the surroundings around us can identify our rhythm of thoughts. I don’t know whether nature does it deliberately or if it happens randomly. However, it happens! The more you are with nature, the more you are conscious about yourself. People who grew up with nature are more likely to bear the worst situations of their lives than others because bearing is one of the theories of the environment. Nature loves you. Nature protects you. If you really want to reflect that feeling, be intimate with nature.

Again! The more you are with nature, the more you are conscious about yourself.

Thanks for reading my story and try your best to see if these feelings are true.

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Esala Gunathilake

I am an enthusiastic writer who feel the sense of humanity. Thus, I can write stanzas, short stories, novels, articles and blogs as well. I am a blog contributor for the Ananda College Engineer's Ink student chapter website.

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  • P.A.Vinura Jayasanka9 days ago

    It took me a deep dive towards the nature.. It made my day Esala!

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