The Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Health

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How Can Essential Oils Help You?

The Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Health

The Old Is New Again

In today’s hectic lifestyles, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. We run our bodies and minds ragged, over schedule our obligations and then begin to notice a host of health consequences as a result. Of course, we often reach for what is convenient and comes with claims of curing what ails us in record time. However, when checking the ingredients labels, we are bombarded with words that we do not recognize and formulas that were born in a science laboratory. Naturally-occurring bacteria is being treated with man-made chemicals. This epiphany has led many people to a return to natural, “old-fashioned” treatments passed down to us by our ancestors. Not all illnesses can be completely cured by folk medicine, but a great many of them can at least be eased by traditional options such as essential oils. Here are a few common conditions and their potential alleviations.

Achy Arthritis

The nagging, uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating disease known as arthritis plagues many people. It can be slow-moving but positively miserable to those who suffer from it. At its core, arthritis is a joint-altering inflammatory affliction that can impair movement and cause severe pain. Established medical treatments have long included everything from the standard modern approach of prescribing pain relievers to surgery. While these methods have certainly helped many patients to find relief, there are also alternative treatments that may be beneficial and complementary to a physician’s plans. If you need or want to avoid the use of painkillers, cayenne oil is a good substitute. Peppers naturally contain capsaicin, which is a well-known pain reliever and is actually used in a lot of topical analgesic creams found at the pharmacy.

Common Cold

You cough, sneeze and fumble your way through your day when you catch a cold. All you want to do is rid yourself of the vexatious symptoms without feeling like your skull is full of cotton candy. Searching the department store shelves, you are likely to find a myriad of products that advertise a non-drowsy solution and a reduction of coughing and congestion. You may have read about essential oils like doTerra with lofty promises that claim to cure countless versions of viruses and maladies, but visions of getting back to normal cloud your judgment, and you go for the mainstream standby. Disappointingly, within an hour you feel as though you have ingested 10 cups of coffee and a six pack of energy drinks. Sure, you aren’t drowsy—but this alien, unpleasant twitchiness that you are experiencing almost makes you long for the clogged nasal passages and watery eyes. Instead, you can try some oils that you have probably used in recipes! For example, oregano oil is renowned for its antiviral qualities, lemon oil can aid in respiratory issues and ginger oil can help you to “sweat out” a virus.

Incessant Insomnia

Tossing and turning in your bed can make for a frustrating night, and a miserable day ahead. Many people assume that their only option is a tranquilizing medication, which of course is not something to be taken lightly. Instead of drugging themselves to sleep, the answer may be something that is often seen but overlooked. While insomnia is a complicated condition that should be thoroughly checked by a professional to rule out any dangerous health issues, mild bouts can sometimes be alleviated by lavender oil. This popular essential oil is commonly found in personal care products such as shampoo and body wash, but is also available in pure form as a standalone oil. The preparation can be applied to the temples, pillowcases and pulse points before going to bed, and has a calming effect on the user’s mental state. A calm mind is more receptive to sleep and will also help you to face stress during your day with a more balanced outlook. As an added bonus, you will smell like a field of fresh flowers after using it!

Be sure to keep a list of essential oils and other remedies that you would like to try. Take note of any reactions that you may have had or any concerns that come to mind. Take charge of your health!

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