Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work

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Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work

Most of us know that having good posture can improve our health, our appearances and our lives. The problem is that many jobs, especially ones that require sitting at a desk for long hours each day, are not ideal for creating better posture. What can you do to improve your posture in the workplace? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Try a Training Device

One way to start improving your posture is by using a posture trainer. Some posture trainers even sync with smartphone applications to help you easily monitor and receive feedback on your posture throughout the day. These trainers are discreet enough that you do not have to feel awkward wearing one to work each day, and they are designed to be comfortable so you will not feel the urge to take them off. After some time is spent learning how to sit up straighter at your desk chair, you can begin to see the difference in your health, comfort and mood.

Take a Movement Break

Research has shown that taking a break from your work to move around can greatly reduce your health risks from sitting for too long as well as improve back pain. Aim to take a movement break every 30 minutes while you are at your desk. A stretch up into the air or a quick walk around your office can work wonders for your posture and your wellbeing. If you tend to have trouble keeping track of these kinds of time-based goals, try setting a timer on your phone or your computer so you do not have an excuse to not take a break.

Change Your Work Environment

If your employer allows you to do so, consider adding ergonomic features to your work space. From balance ball chairs to standing desks, there are many workplace options out there for those that need some help staying comfortable and maintaining their posture each day. Some companies even sell desks that adjust from sitting to standing positions if you are more comfortable moving up and down throughout your work day.

Align Yourself

Good posture can be as simple as aligning your ears with your shoulders. This simple trick helps you to stop leaning forward or backward at your computer each day. Check in with your body every so often to see if you need to put your shoulders back in line with your ears. You can even get a coworker on board to remind you that you are slouching if you are comfortable with receiving that kind of suggestion.

Watch Your Legs

Crossing your legs may feel comfortable and even natural, but it puts a lot of strain on your body. If you notice that you are crossing your legs at work, uncross them as soon as you can. You may begin to notice a change in your posture as well as in how you feel throughout the day. After a while, you may wonder why you ever wanted to cross your legs in the first place.

Do Desk Exercises

There are various exercises that you can practice while at your work desk to help you combat pain and poor posture. Even a simple shoulder roll can help you feel better and prevent you from slouching at your desk. Find exercises online or in a book to help you get started right away—most are simple and do not require much preparation or memorization.

If you still feel that you need help improving your posture, you can look for more resources online to help you or talk to a knowledgeable healthcare professional for advice. If you are in severe pain or think you may have a medical problem that is affecting your posture, talking to a medical professional becomes all the more important. Bad posture may feel like a habit that you can't break, but improvement is possible with a few workplace adjustments.

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Mikkie Mills
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