Mikkie Mills

Simple Ways For Teachers To Improve Their Health
3 days ago
Staying in shape and improving your health as a teacher is not only good for your own self but also a great way to set a good example for students. There are many different things teachers can do to i...
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College Students Dealing with Stress Can Be Healthy With Life-Style Changes
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How can college students find ways to cope with stress? It’s no secret that today’s college students are feeling burned out due to our fast-paced society. Many students are depressed, restless, and ar...
The Benefits of Gaining a Good Education
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Why Education Is Important
Top 5 Reasons Why Teaching English Is So Important
14 days ago
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How to Achieve the Egg Drop Challenge
a month ago
The egg drop challenge is a science-type experiment that has been done in schools for decades now. The experiment can sometimes consist of students being broken off into teams to compete on who can cr...