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8 Ways to Express Your Artistic Side Through Fashion

Adding more creativity in your life

By Mikkie MillsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
8 Ways to Express Your Artistic Side Through Fashion
Photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash

The clothes people wear reveal a lot about who they are. Though many people are content to simply dress in simple styles and pieces that are unremarkable, fashion offers you multiple opportunities to incorporate creativity and expression into your daily life. Read on for 8 fashion items that can give you a more interesting, more artistic wardrobe.

1. Classic T-Shirt

When it comes to clothing basics, nothing is more common than the T-shirt. Though a plain version is a classic option that never goes out of style, T-shirts also give you the opportunity to express any message or creative idea you can think of. Not only do most TV shows, sports teams, bands, and businesses offer T-shirts with their logos, there are also multiple websites that allow you to order T-shirts with unique art created by online artists from around the world. You can also create your own design and have it screen printed onto a shirt. There is truly no reason to limit yourself to a boring T-shirt ever again.

2. Hats

Hats used to be a staple fashion item for men and women, but since they are no longer worn by all, hats give you an easy way to express your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. To instantly add pizzazz to your outfits, look for unique hats that will compliment your outfits. You can find vintage hats at thrift shops and antique stores or you could browse common online shopping sites and scroll through a variety of styles from fedoras to top hats to berets.

3. Bags

From purses to backpacks to fanny packs, the bags you carry are a fun way to add an artistic flair to your day. You could choose to buy a unique designer bag or one that has been painstakingly beaded by a local artist. For a truly artistic experience, you could buy your own clear bags that can be painted in order to create your own functional masterpieces to use and share with friends and family.

4. Shoes

Many people simply adore shoes, and for good reason. Shoes come in a nearly endless variety of styles and colors and are another stylish accessory that can instantly add interest to any outfit. Although designer shoes are a splurge many are willing to make, you can find unique, funky, and beautiful shoes that fit any budget. Also, many people enjoy drawing or painting directly on their canvas sneakers to make their shoes even more eye-catching and distinct.

5. Shawls & Scarves

When colder temperatures arrive, it’s time for more layers which means you have even more chances to express your creative side through style. Consider using striking shawls and scarves to add a pop of color or intrigue to your winter outfits. You could also consider taking up crocheting or knitting and create your own cozy creations.

6. Jeans

Jeans are another basic item that can be elevated with the right artistic approach. There are so many styles and colors of jeans that it’s easy to find jeans that will instantly convey a classic, country, rebellious or trendy vibe. To truly express yourself through your denim, consider adding rips, patches or embroidered designs.

7. Socks

A popular trend in recent years is to explore creativity with eye-catching socks. You can mix and match colors and designs and, as with T-shirts, you can find socks with nearly any object, character, or image you can think of. Unique socks give even those with strict business dress codes the chance to add more excitement and vibrancy to their style.

8. Jewelry

No matter what style or occasion you are dressing for, there is jewelry available that can allow you to add a perfect pop of artistic detail. From leather bracelets to glass pendants to traditional metal, your jewelry choices give you the chance to buy or create pieces that perfectly capture your preferred aesthetic.

From head to toe, you have multiple opportunities every day to incorporate creativity and self-expression into your clothing and accessory choices.


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