Staying Fit with a Busy Schedule

by Ashley Moore 6 months ago in fitness

The Goal: To Be Snatched

Staying Fit with a Busy Schedule

“Staying Snatched” is part of the goal right? Right. But it is so difficult for us to balance our busy schedules while still maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle! Our attention is being pulled in every direction possible. Still, that’s no excuse to allow our physical well-being to slide. If I’m being completely honest, physical wellbeing is something I adapt my entire life around. Why? Aside from Heart Disease being a leading cause of death in my community, I aspire to create generational cycles that will allow our physical care to be an area we accept “crucial accountability.”

Make It Count!

I went to a military school for 7 years growing up. From 6th to 12th grade, it embedded a sense of priority into my mind in regards to my well-being and fitness. I had a drill sergeant from HS that used conveniently say, “Make It Count Cadet Moore! when I was damn near out of breath running around a football field with clouds of gnats swarming near daring me to take in a deep breath…

Our lifestyles are busier than ever. There are socials, professional opportunities, volunteer events, date nights, vacation time, play time and Moore. My schedule’s vacancy window is about thiiiiiiiis small at the current moment. When you finally find time to workout, be sure to make it count. Only do exercises you know are going to directly target your areas of focus.

For instance, when I work out, I will ensure that I have at least 20 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of targeted exercises for my glutes and legs. I’m typically not in the gym any longer than 45 minutes because my schedule is so tight—but get it right, get it right, get it tight (kudos to you if you hear the song playing in your head as you read that sentence)… High-intensity interval training (HIIT), bodyweight exercises, weight lifting, resistance exercises and running are all very efficient targeted ways of exercising and making it count! Ain’t nobody got time to be in the gym just to be playing around now…

Know Thyself

There are so many days I do NOT want to even see the inside of a gym, let alone actually get on any piece of equipment! So, I have to play tricks on myself! I have to wear cute clothes to the gym. I know people out there do not want to admit this, but I’m raising my hand high and proudly! Yes, I sometimes HAVE to wear cute clothes to the gym to motivate myself to stay in there! I love colors, odd patterns, motivating t-shirts and comfy but cute running shoes! One of my favorite shirts is fluorescent green and says, “EXCUSES SUCK” on the front!

The nugget here isn’t to necessarily wear cute clothes to the gym. It’s more about self-awareness. What things keep you from the gym? No headphones? No socks? Forgotten water bottle? Lame music playlist? Know yourself, know your motivators and be intentional about being disciplined to have everything you need with you that will aid you in having a successful & efficient workout.

Be ConsistentISH

I know most people reading this right now are thinking, “You’re either consistent or you’re not.” Well, I agree…and disagree. Let me give you an example. My weekly goal is to be in the gym at least 3 days per week. However, I do not give myself specific and set days to be in the gym. I like to call it my “Workout sliding window.”

Maybe I’ll be super lazy Monday and not want to go anywhere once I’m home from work. No biggie, I slide that day to Wednesday or Thursday. As long as I get in my 3 days in a week, I’m happy. Many weeks, my 3 days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just in time for the start of a new week. What I’m saying is, don’t be so tough on yourself about the specific schedule of working out. Just be committed to getting in however many days you want within 7 day window. It allows you to be flexible with your workout routine while not feeling so bound by the confines of a specific schedule. Give yourself a break sometimes. You’re so hard on you!

The Gym is Wherever U Go

It is. No, seriously – it is. Oftentimes, people put large emphasis on gym memberships. I say the gym is wherever you go. When I go on vacation, I take my elastic resistance bands with me and use them on the go. I even use them at home for days I don’t feel like going to the gym. I also know many people that travel with portable pull-up bars. Also, I ain’t never had a floor I couldn’t plank on…If you have no equipment and no gym membership, get a mat and go to your living room. It’s free, in the privacy of your own home and it still allows you the space to be active with all of the exercises you want to try. If only I could count the amount of Living Room Workouts I’ve had… In short, the goal is to remain progressively active and efficient – not perfect.

In the spirit of living a Lifestyle of Moore,


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Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore
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