Points to ponder about before buying the best hand sanitizer

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from the market in this pandemic situation!

Points to ponder about before buying the best hand sanitizer

While the doctors and medical experts around the world are still looking for a potential vaccine for the coronavirus, guidelines have been issued worldwide to maintain social distancing and basic hygiene in the meanwhile.

Speaking of hygiene, the usage of hand sanitizers has been given utmost importance as this COVID 19 situation is getting worse day by day.

It was a few days back when President Trump held a national day of prayer service at the rose garden while praying for all the Corona warriors and their families in texas. After the prayers, conveyed the message that’ Texas is opening up amidst this corona threat just like a number of places around. We have to do it as we don’t have any other choice, The country can't stay closed and locked down for months and years.’

Interestingly, right before joining Mr. Trump in the prayer’s meet at Rose garden, Mr. Abbot, eliminated the provision of imprisonment for people breaching the guidelines and safeguards related to virus in the Texas city.

Still, there are people around that don’t have a basic idea about the product and usage of antibacterial hand sanitizer with alcohol online. So, if you are the one amongst the list, let's have a look at the below-mentioned list in the same respect.

1. Alcohol percentage

According to WHO, an effective hand sanitizer must be coming with at least 60 % alcohol. So, when you are taking that pinch to wash your hands, you must get the right and most appropriate protection from the virus.

For all those who don’t know, alcohol might be listed on the same antibacterial hand sanitizer gel Houston bottles as ‘ethanol’, isopropyl alcohol’ or ‘ ethyl alcohol’. So, once you are about to purchase a good hand sanitizer, don't forget to check the alcohol percentage.

2. The right application

Buying the hand sanitizer alone won't be helping you with the protection against coronavirus and you have to bring the right application and usage into the picture as well. Always take a pinch of hand sanitizer or either read through the labelling given on the product itself.

The same quantity would depend on the percentage of the alcohol in the hand sanitizer and you have to be watchful in the same regards while making its purchase.

3. Hand sanitizer won't help if your hands are too dirty

Hand sanitizer won't work if you have just got your hands dirty in the mud or any kind of dirt around. Now, this is where washing your hands off from soap and water can keep the things going amidst this pandemic situation.

Coming to the hand sanitizers, they are meant for all the invisible germs and dirt on your hand and must be taken in that regards only.

4. Stay away from the fake products

With the onset of coronavirus around every country in this world, there is a big rise witnessed in the number of fake manufacturers of hand sanitizers as well. So, if you don't have a fair idea about the fake vs the real one, always buy from the trusted manufacturer or brand.

On the other side, you can always check the labelling and packaging for the components used in the making of the same hand sanitiser.Doing that can actually save you from falling into the trap of all such fake marketers.

After this lets talk on the pandemic COVID-19 , so her question arise-

Is Texas the only state to witness a 10 k surge in COVID 19 cases within a single day?

No. beside texas, New York and Florida have been the other two states that have witness more than 10k confirmed Covid 19 cases with a single day. Speaking of new York, the state has been deeply hit by the crisis since the start of April and we all have witnessed hundreds and thousands of people dying on a daily basis.

Florida, on the other side, has just witnessed 10k cases in the first week of July. Now, this is some situation that points towards the lack of required medical equipment and antibacterial hand sanitizer gel Houston

Talking of Texas only, the state has been demanding all the high-quality sanitizer, masks and covid 19 testing kit to gear up for the upcoming spike in the number of cases within the country.

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