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Obesity Affecting People


The percentage of obesity in youth has been increasing on a daily basis. Obesity is a health disorder which is caused by uncontrolled buildup of fat in the body. It can lead to severe health complications and low quality of life. It is known to be the main cause of chronic diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. Even though it can be hard to pin point only one reason for a person to be obese, there are several reasons that can lead to obesity.

One contributor to obesity is overeating. This happens when one person consumes more food than their body can digest. The lack of physical exercise is also a leading cause of obesity. It is expected that individuals who do not manage sufficient physical activities are at a greater risk of suffering from obesity. This implies that obesity is a lifestyle disease that can be prevented. Also, obesity is a genetic condition which can be passed on through human reproduction. Researchers have found out that obesity can result from malfunction of certain genes that control appetite and growth.

Another cause of obesity seems to be the lack of parental guidance. Adults have such a busy schedule, working shifts. It is hard for them to put time aside to teach their children about having proper diet. Which leads to them eat outside from fast food restaurants, since the parents do not have time to prepare food for their children. The children get so used to eating outside that they are not able to survive without tasting the fries or burger from their favorite McDonalds.

Also, large portion of food is energy that is consumed by the body however we also need to burn some of that energy. Recently burning any of that energy has become close to impossible. Everyone knows technology is everywhere, all around us. It has become a part of us and our daily routine, we do not need to go outside to do anything. Now we can get our grocery delivered at home by just a tap of a finger. I agree that is pretty cool but it is also making our next generation—the youth—very lazy. Sometimes, they do not even step outside. Their whole day is spent at home on a chair sitting in front of their devices. As our life becomes easier with technology, the obesity rate will increase.

However, obesity seems to be affecting the youth in a very negative way, not just physically but emotionally. Their self-esteem and confidence are being drained as the advertisements around them only show girls that have the perfect slim hourglass body and boys who have amazing six pack abs. Which by society are portrayed as the ideal body type. They do not seem to realize that everything on tv or magazines is photo shopped. Those people are made to look like that on purpose so their product is able to sell. The obese youth do not feel part of the community which leads to depression. Even statistics show us that youth nowadays have the highest rate of depression.

Like most lifestyle diseases, obesity has no known cause or cure. Obesity causes health complication especially those that are related to blood circulation. Moreover, obesity distorts peoples’ physical appearance and posture. Stigmatization is also a significant effect of obesity in the modern world. People suffering from the condition, particularly children, are discriminated against for being overweight. Lastly, obesity strains body organs hence lowering peoples’ physical and mental performance.

In conclusion, obesity is a critical, medical, and social issue in the world. Obesity is caused by a number of different factors. Obesity has no specific cause or cure but is preventable. Dietary control and physical exercise are crucial in controlling the condition.

Anoushka Bunnies
Anoushka Bunnies
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