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My Personal Health Scare

by Mariann Carroll 2 months ago in humanity · updated 2 months ago
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Self Perservation

My Personal Health Scare
Photo by Luis Sánchez on Unsplash

July 20,2022

My morning started with morning pain. I ate my breakfast already.

Great, I have a court date. I give myself positive talk. I call someone to pick me up and take me to court.


I arrived early . I was having cramping pain again at 1:15pm. I will listen to music , and the pain will go away. My exhusband arrived at the court ten minutes later.

I did not want my exhusband to see me in pain. He will just put on his smirking face of his. He gets giddy when he sees me in pain.

I move to an an area where my ex husband cannot see me in pain. My body started to shake. I stayed because my court appointment is at 2:00pm. The pain was going from a ten to a five ,back and forth. I keep giving myself positive thoughts.

My ex did not submit the court papers needed , so the court date was postponed to a later date.

We were in the courtroom for less than ten minutes, I call for a ride. Got home by 2:45pm. The pain got worst and I started to feel disoriented. My brain was on an automatic preservative mode.

I did not call the ambulance, cause it cost too much. I called (app)a Lyft which was at my place in three minutes. I could not find my keys, cause I was in pain. I left the house unlock and jump on the Lyft ride. The Lyft driver was very understanding, she saw I was in great pain. She told me, she will pray for me.


I got to the hospital, I called my doctor’s office about my pain. The emergency hospital department system knew , I was coming.

They (Emergency tech) took my vital’s. There about 10 people waiting in the emergency room. I sat in a chair, not for long the pain was getting worst. I vomited, I already asked for a vomit cup. This is not my first time going to the emergency for this issue. My first hospital emergency for this issue was Christmas of 2017. Ever since, I was in and out of the hospital.


(I was lucky the first time , I had this issue the hospital staff knew what to do, right away)


They wanted me to drink a solution for the CT scan machine. I did not drink much, cause it was nasty.

The security told me, I can’t kneel on the floor but that’s the only way to eliminate the pain. I do it at home. I kneel and bend down on my stomach.

They did not care about my pain, after a few minutes I got up and sat on the uncomfortable chair. I move around to try to eliminate the pain. The pain is worst than labor pain. Tears was coming out of my eyes from the pain.

They took me in for a CTscan, cannot recall the time anymore. They give me some warm blankets. They put an IVY in my arm for the solution that will make you feel like you pee on yourself. They took me back out to the emergency room with blankets. I fell asleep or fall into darkness.


They finally took me inside, I asked (shouted)for some painkillers. The pain felt like 15 beyond a ten. The nurse, told me they had to wait for doctor’s order for that. Finally, I was enjected with painkiller in my IVY.

Everything felt like heavenly in seconds. I was in a recliner chair not in a wheelchair from the CTscan.

8:15 pm

They finally wheel me into a Emergency wolk room bed 22. The nurse was unsympathetic to my condition. Some of them told me to suck it up, really?

I had no choice at this point. If I go home without being treated my situation could get worst and die.

My abstract stomach was the culprit. They needed to put a tube down my throat but listening to the person who was going to do it, asking questions and giving the other person the eye, holding the the tube and looking for directions on how to do it. I started to asked for a doctor to do it. I was not going to be someone’s Guinea pig.

I fell asleep from the painkiller. I was woken up at 9:00pm. They had someone else put the tube in, she seem confident than the last person.

It’s very uncomfortable to put the tube in, the issue was…..

Blood was coming out instead of food.

July20, 2022 Mariann Carroll

They told me it’s natural for blood to come out first. I give them the benefit of doubt. This is not my first rodeo. They got X-ray done but they did not show me if the tube was in my stomach. I called 911 , I was not going to die in this hospital. After two hours the blood turn brown

July 20,2022 Mariann Carroll

July 21,2020


I did met with a doctor who knew about what to do with my situation. Dr. Johnson. The nurse did not comply with the doctor’s Orders cause she was very busy. She was taking care of five other patients. I have asked her for the medical treatment, ( that the doctor/head surgeon spoke to me about)she told me she is coming. 10 am and nothing. The call button does not seem to work.

Thank God the intake lady was next door with the other patient. She acknowledged me and the nurse finally came. That was around 10:15am.I saw the doctor at 7:30am . The nurse Clare finally give me my pain meds and came in with the pain meds that go thru in the Ivy. I did not know, you can put meds thru the nose tube. That was the first.

I was taken down to x ray.

After 4:00pm

They removed the tube and put me in an observation room. They give me Jello to eat with broth . My pain came back. I stop eating. I ate a little for dinner.I was really hungry but I knew, if I over due it the pain would get worst. They give me some more meds thru the Ivy.

I was on a liquid diet. That means tea/coffee, jello, soup and etc.

The lady came in to draw blood but was having difficulty with finding the vain. I told her not to worry, my vein are thin it’s not easy to draw blood.

They send someone who found it easy to draw blood. She was very nice, Heather was her name. She was able to get two tube of blood.

I took a walk around my hospital floor with the Ivy.

I called my brother to lock my place for me, since I was not going to be release from the hospital anytime soon.

July 22,2022 Friday

I finally got to eat real food. I had eggs , yogurt , chicken , apple pie , turkey sandwich and Salad . Hospital food will taste good if you have not eaten in a while.

I did not need the painkiller at all and I stop having stomach cramps.

The surgeons came to visit me and I told them how I felt. They told me, I could be release by tomorrow morning. I could not wait to get home.

July 23, 2022

I got up at 2am in the morning clean up and change into my street clothes. I watched TV. A South Asian Indian lady came in to try to draw blood around 4am. She just ended up giving me bruises in the arms from her poking with the butterfly needles. She used several times. She got a few drops. The tube was not filled at all.

I told her no worries, I am going home soon.

My Surgeons came in to visit after 7am. I was looking forward to my non liquid breakfast, I order the night before. Eggs , beacon and blueberry muffin. I love food . They excite me. I got release with my anti constipation meds to be pick up at the pharmacy. I was release after 10am. I did not want to bother anyone, so I took an Uber home.

I got home and took a shower .

I recuperated , felt normal by Wednesday July 27, 2022.

The meds work wonders.


About the author

Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Oh my goodness! I'm so glad you're okay now. What was the reason for your stomach pain? You said it was worse than labour pain. And the nurse was so rude to tell you to suck it up. That made me so angry

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