Mirror Dragon Tarot Part 15

Reading for 12-1 thru 12-7-19

Mirror Dragon Tarot Part 15

Reading for 12-2- thru 12-8-19

The Center card this week is the Hierophant.

The Hierophant (High Priest) represents the journey we undertake as we look for ways to define our relationship to God, Universe, Spirit, Oneness, whatever form that takes in our individual experiences. It has been shown throughout history, in all cultures and from a myriad of different viewpoints that we humans have a deep knowing that there’s something beyond our day to day “mundane” lives. We just know there’s more to being alive than that. We have an unshakable feeling that we’re here for a reason. That knowing draws us to find clear and meaningful ways of sharing these compelling feelings of connectedness. The difficulty arises when we try to impose intellectual definition to concepts that defy description. In assigning words or rules to these ideas we inevitably restrict them and therein lies the challenge. In the Tarot, The High Priestess reflects the mysteries of the Universe, and the Hierophant our need to bring them into some kind of language that we can use to share the experience. How can we share our insight into Spirit without caging it in words or the linear representations our cognitive brains need? Perhaps by recognizing that if the physical representation of our experience is sometimes lacking the true vibrance we felt, we might acknowledge ways other than words to express our awareness.

The West card is the 4 of Pentacles.

I have read that the 4 of Pentacles is an “intimate interweaving of person and matter.”* I find this to be an apt description for the card this week. Now that we’re into the season of mid-winter celebration and especially under the influence of a barrage of gift-giving advertising and pressure to buy bigger and better happiness, we may find ourselves caught up in anxiety and concern that somehow we have to prove our love with presents, whether we can afford them or not. The more expensive the gift, the more we care? Ugh. It’s no wonder this can be such a tough and emotional time for so many. Not to mention that we’re also “expected” to be happy when, in fact, many are lonely or grieving those who are no longer able to be close. The good news is that the Hierophant triggers us to remember what the season is about. Winter Solstice; the shift from darkness to light. Christmas; the birth of a deity of kindness, light and love. Hanukkah; a festival of lights celebrating the miracle of one day of lamp oil lasting eight days. Buddhism; the time when Buddha attained enlightenment. Etc… In recognizing the interweaving of the caring and connection as a person with the physical representations around us we may be able to see the love in the matrix.

The East card is the 7 of Cups.

As we contemplate the juxtaposition of our desire to give of ourselves and the more trivial physical gifts that we’re expected to give, now is the perfect time to discover the differences between the two. As this 7 asks us to sift the toxins from an overflow of meaningless emotions, which often show up as frustration, confusion, anger or fear, we purify our experience by allowing the flow and intentionally purging old conventions or thought processes that dictate that we be something other than the powerful, beautiful and masterful people we truly are. From an open and honest stance we can see things we wish to eliminate and begin the work of dissolving and releasing them. Honesty is key here. This 7 also reflects a tendency to wallow in those tough emotions. To the degree that we can learn to accept the baser and less agreeable emotions we have, honor them and let them go we can lighten the burden we carry significantly.

In conclusion;

This week will most likely find us feeling the stresses that come with this time of year. However, with the energy of the Hierophant as the central focus we’re given the opportunity to open up a true sense of compassion and caring. Plus we get the added benefit of being able to find the right words or actions to express our feelings of unity and connection. Keep in mind that you are a gift - a brilliant gift - in and of yourself greater than any monetary value that might be placed. If the “feels” get too deep, try to find a moment to stop, breathe, calm the chaos and recenter. See if you can get in touch with the wisdom and beauty at your core and bring it back with you into the day. Then, carry it like a torch.

Have a mystical week.



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* The Ultimate Guide To The Thoth Tarot, by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger

Victoria LaPointe
Victoria LaPointe
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