Mirror Dragon Tarot Free Weekly reading #33

Reading for 8-3 thru 8-10-20

Mirror Dragon Tarot Free   
Weekly reading #33
Thoth Tarot photo by Victoria LaPointe

The Center card this week is The Aeon.

With this Major Arcana card we look at our journey through this lifetime in many different ways and with as many different viewpoints. As our lives, here in physical form, can be seen as a journey of experience from the first bright, loud, cold awakening of birth through our slow, meandering and wizening progress as we cross through life, ageing and into death. This movement and change can be found in each moment we experience. As we gather experience and growth we find comfortable habits and sometimes become comfortable in familiar inadequacies. This card allows us to view each of these things with an eye and a determination to settle out and balance the things that work with those that don’t. That balance and a true joy comes when we embrace those things that foster a whole, centered, loving experience and accept, honor and release those that don’t. There are many things in this life that we may rue now but were necessary in the moment we embraced them. Growth is about recognizing when old patterns and behaviors have served their purpose and continued reliance on them has shifted from assistance to interference. Much like the release we feel with confession, allowing our old selves to fall away drops a burden we may not even have known we were carrying.

The West card is the 7 of Cups.

With the energy of this seven we find ourselves embroiled in a quagmire of emotion. That’s not necessarily a negative thing. I believe that one of the reasons we choose to come into physical form is to have the experience of being in a corporeal form. Physicality is a very heady and compelling thing. As living humans we get the chance to feel, both physically and emotionally, taste, see, hear and smell all manner of things. When the soul or spirit is incorporeal it has no concept of those experiences, only a memory or past Knowing of having been able to revel in those sensations. At this time, we’re experiencing the results of (and perhaps a bit of fallout from) revealing aspects of ourselves that we were able to come to terms with and embrace last week. Having exposed those hidden parts of who we are for discussion and examination we put ourselves into a vulnerable position. We may have been judged by those around us or unexpectedly, and happily, accepted as we are. Both of which tend to open emotional doors. This seven sees us as immersed in those feelings. Whether reveling or wallowing, the feelings are deep. The positive side is that with The Aeon we are able to see the shifting winds of change as necessary rather than just another challenge.

The East card is the Prince of Wands.

With the over-full emotional tide plus Aeon's realization that acceptance and release are preferable to finding ourselves pulled in by the undertow, this prince puts the fiery spark of expansion and curiosity directly in front of us. With the no-holds-barred attitude and adolescent energy of the princes we find the courage to strike a match to the paper tiger and watch as the changes take place. There is an expansive sense to the princes that urges us to break through “normal” or “expected” ways of being and see what else is out there. Each prince has his own way of challenging the status quo by questioning reality, sensing the changes in others or realizing that dimensions or circumstances have changed. This one lights a spark to see farther and illuminate new ways and means to reach for and explore.

In Conclusion;

As we’ve done a bit of internal clearing, old and/or new emotions have risen to the surface and demanded our attention. The temptation to wallow in them is strong but with Aeon's influence we realize that the situation is a temporary one. We can have the heady and sensual foray into emotional soup and the joy in the knowledge that we have a lot to do once that’s over. In embracing those feelings, honoring them and letting them go we continue on our journey more whole, more healed and more able to welcome the new steps and directions that are laid out before us.

Have an intoxicating and inspiring week.

Light, Tory

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Victoria LaPointe
Victoria LaPointe
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