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Lose Weight After the Holidays

How to recover good habits and return to a healthy life

By Mindsmatter.Published about a year ago 4 min read
Lose Weight After the Holidays
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Getting back into good habits after the holidays is not just a matter of losing weight. It is not only necessary to get rid of those kilos gained during Christmas –studies place between 3 and 5 the kilos that we gain after the Christmas celebrations–. It is to return to the healthy pre-holiday life that we so badly need. The good news is that with a little effort it is relatively easy to get back to your old weight and old life. We consume 30% more than the recommended calories on these dates, which translates, for example, into dinners that can triple the number of recommended calories. And simply by recovering good habits, we are on the right track.

As soon as we return to our routine of meals and physical exercise those kilos are lost. It is true that if we want to lose them quickly we would have to make a little more effort, but they are usually 3 difficult days that have to be overcome, and then everything goes smoothly. We collect some of the best mantras to get back on track.

In January you don't have to diet

We have to avoid miracle diets, detox, and fasting. The body is already stressed enough after the Christmas excesses to give it a new decompensation with diets. A sustainable and balanced diet is the key. Each person, in addition, needs a certain amount for energy expenditure from day to day, that is why each one has a special diet. Diets are not global but personalized.

The perfect breakfast includes eggs (and only one type of fruit)

Taking care of breakfast is the golden rule to return to good habits. Discarding sweets in this first meal of the day is essential since they are foods that are not very satiating, lacking in protein, and full of refined sugar. It is preferable to include carbohydrates such as bread and protein such as eggs, one of the healthiest and most satiating foods to eat for breakfast. It can also be completed with oatmeal. Also, when it comes to including fruit in this meal, it is preferable to eat only one type of fruit and avoid combining different ones.

Watch out for coffee

Coping with the return to normality based on coffee is tempting, but it is preferable to have only a coffee in the morning. It is advisable to limit the consumption of coffee as it can cause gastric acidity and cause inflammation. In addition, excessive coffee can also change sleep cycles, thus altering hormone levels, something that also causes inflammation in the body.

Drink water on an empty stomach

Drinking an important part of the recommended daily amount of water on an empty stomach helps to activate the metabolism. First thing in the morning the drainage mechanisms are more active and drinking water when you get up helps to enhance the elimination of liquids. In fact, a good trick can be to leave a half-liter bottle of water on the bedside table to drink it as soon as you get up. It will not help burn fat, but it will activate the drainage of our body.

Respect meal times

If holidays are usually characterized by something, it is by the disorder of habits and lunch and dinner times. However, recovering the times of the main meals trying to keep them always the same is an easy gesture that will also help us to return to our weight. And it is that the secretion of insulin by the pancreas is not the same in the morning as at night and the sensitivity of the cells to its action varies throughout the day. For this reason, it has been proven that small variations in the timing of our meals can affect weight control, body composition, and the evolution of many pathologies.

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