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How to Find Your Perfect Diet

There are lot of diets out there. Before choosing a diet that may not work for you, check out what your body may be missing.

By Sasha McGregorPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

There is no such thing as the one universally perfect diet. Although certain elements like vegetables and fruits are something everyone should eat, there can be a lot of variables and it may take some experimentation for you to find the perfect diet for you.

What Does Everyone Need?

According to the current incarnation of the food pyramid, now called "my plate", vegetables and fruits take up half of the "plate" with grains and proteins on the other side.

While most people will do well with this diet, not everyone will do their best. If you are a vegetarian, for example, and take your protein in the form of soy, it may not agree with you. Some greens are hard to digest, and many people now have sensitivities to both dairy and grain.

No matter what your preferences or allergies, everyone needs polyphenols to be healthy and live a long life. Polyphenols are in brightly colored fruits and vegetables. If you are concerned about getting enough of this micronutrient through normal eating (either because of the expense or the sheer volume of produce you would need to eat) there is now an alternative.

A powder called vital reds contains over fifty different fruits, vegetables and other important ingredients like herbs, to provide you with optimal health. Now one half of "my plate" is accounted for and all you need to choose are the other foods that make up a balanced diet.

What Do You Need?

There is a lot of emphasis on diet now. Either a diet for better health or a diet to lose weight. However, there are hundreds of diets to choose from and no one can know ahead of time which will work the best. Instead of trial and error, there are two new innovations that may point you towards the best diet for you.

In the course of people doing DNA tests to determine their heritage, it was discovered that a lot could be learned about the foods your ancestors thrived on, which may hint at what you should eat for optimal health.

There is even a whole science developed around this concept called nutrigenomics. Although genetics may not show things such as allergies, it could help you become more in tune with your genetic predispositions.

Another new approach to items your body may be missing nutritionally is a test strip. Like a pregnancy strip, it is urinated on and will show what vitamins and other elements your body is lacking.

Do New and Unusual Diets Work?

One new diet is called the Fast Diet. This does not stand for quick, but involves fasting (not eating). The most common form of the diet is called the 5:2 diet, which means you eat normally 5 days of the week and stay under six hundred calories the other 2 days.

Many people thrive on it and report that it has caused them to lose weight and bring down high cholesterol, but it is rigorous and the low calorie days can make people feel ill or weak.

Another recent diet craze that many people swear by is the Keto Diet. The basic component of the diet is to eat a lot of fat and few carbs. The diet forces the body to burn its own fat supplies instead of carbohydrates in food.

Followers report rapid weight loss and a reduction or elimination of diseases like diabetes. However, it is difficult to stay on it longterm and can stress the body out over time.

Whether you decide on a more traditional diet or are ready to try something new, remember that fruits and vegetables are essential if you want to stay healthy and younger looking. Now, whether you enjoy eating them or not, you can still reap the benefits by drinking healthful powders like vital reds. If a diet makes you feel good, you have chosen the right one.

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