Garden Therapy: How Can Gardening Reduce Stress?


Garden Therapy: How Can Gardening Reduce Stress?

In a world where we’re required to complete so many things and pay attention to so many factors of our lives, there’s one enemy that always seems to defeat us—stress. No matter how undefeatable it may seem, the truth is that you are better than stress and that you can live a healthy life without it. There’s a new superhero in town to help you win this battle and blossom into a beautiful little flower. It’s called gardening. By creating something beautiful, you’ll be automatically banishing all the negative energy from your life.

1. A Whole New World

Among the greenery, you’ll discover things aren’t like in the concrete jungle. There are peace and serenity in nature- the two components necessary to defeat stress. Once you start gardening, you’ll be finding yourself surrounded by nature very often. You’ll go back to your roots and discover you’re not as far away from nature as you once thought.

Gardening will allow you to care for Mother Nature’s most beautiful and give back at least a part of what you took from it. Aside from the plants, you’ll also get to interact with cute little critters. If you add a toad house to the garden, you’ll see a lot of toads while you’re tending the garden. Birds will be a common sight, too, if you introduce a bird feeder or a birdbath.

This way, you’ll create a real and sustainable environment, welcoming to all of Nature’s cutest and finest. They’ll return your hospitality by taking care of any pest problems you might encounter. Just like that, by spending time in this whole new world, the stress will disperse itself.

2. This porridge tastes just right!

In your case, the vegetables you grow yourself will taste just right. Since there will be no added chemicals, you’ll notice they taste much nicer than the ones you buy at the market. By ingesting healthy and chemical-free food, you’re powering your body and making it more equipped to deal with the challenges of daily life. In turn, your body will be able to deal with stress more efficiently.

Another benefit of starting your own veggie garden is that you get to discover all different vegetable varieties. The market usually offers one or two main varieties which you either like or dislike. Having your own garden means you’ll get to decide what goes on your plate.

There’s nothing to stop you from experimenting with different varieties and finding the one that suits you and your family just right. Who knows, you may even discover that you like a certain vegetable a great deal more than you initially thought.

3. 'Snow White' and the Seven Garden Gnomes

We all know that garden gnomes are the symbols of gardens. On a deeper level, they’re a testament of creativity. This is because it takes a lot of thought, imagination, and planning for each gnome to have a perfect spot in the garden. They are the finishing touches to your masterpiece. Thus, we can conclude that gardening makes you think outside the box.

There’s no better way to break your patterns and get out of a rut than to continually push yourself to create new things. Where you put the flower beds, which flowers you plant, how big of a vegetable garden you have, the colour scheme- it’s all up to you.

Of course, every artist needs their tools. Protective gear like gloves and caps are necessary so as to ensure maximum safety during the creative process. Most people opt for trustworthy companies like Hoselink as their supplier, as it’s inexpensive, convenient, and guarantees quality. These are all things an artist should look for in their tools.

4. Tigger’s Guide to Stress-Relief

When watching this childhood favourite, have you noticed how Tigger’s always the happiest Winnie the Pooh character? With all the bouncing and pouncing, he simply has no time to feel stressed. Take his advice and keep moving. Gardening is an excellent opportunity to do so. It’s not high intensity, meaning that it’s suitable for anyone, but it still offers an optimal amount of exercise. After all, you’ll be planting, pruning, watering, seeding, checking your plants, or just strolling around and admiring your garden.

All of this means your body will be in constant motion. You won’t even notice how much you’re actually exercising. As we know, exercise is great for prompting the production of happy hormones. This means you’ll suddenly feel much happier and motivated. On another note, we also know that with exercise, your body will be able to process stress better. In other words, get ready to feel rejuvenated and energized.

Finally, gardening can be your elixir of youth. This constant movement and activity will keep you young and show your body it’s not ready to retire yet. Your overall health will surely improve, regardless of if we’re talking about the physical or mental aspects.


With just a little dedication and the power of your green fingers, you can create a world of your own. This fairytale-like world will be conveniently located in your backyard. The gates, made up of your favourite flowers, will great you with open arms every time you decide the take refuge within the safe walls of your garden. Stress will no longer exist, and you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of life once more, all thanks to the little miracle you nurtured to perplexing beauty.

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