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Excessive sweating is a warning of certain diseases

Can I sweat a lot to get rid of dampness?

By CustoPublished 8 months ago 6 min read

When it comes to sweating, some people will be confused, because the weather is hot or sports, wearing more, sweating is okay, but sometimes obviously not moving, why will sweat?

Occasionally exercise sweat, indeed makes people feel refreshed. But if a lot of sweating will be very uncomfortable, such as sleeping at night with a wet back, it will be very uncomfortable. Even more, excessive sweating is sometimes a sign of disease. Different parts of the sweating suggest different problems and need to be adjusted and improved in time.


About sweating

Can sweating a lot remove dampness?

A lot of sweating can expel some of the dampness, but this method is not the best way to get rid of dampness, and it is not recommended that patients use this method more often. Because a lot of sweating will take away part of the fluid, if not timely regulation will cause fire, liver fire.

Most of the dampness is due to living in a humid environment or eating improperly, like eating cold food, resulting in malfunction of the spleen and stomach.

The fact is that you can get rid of dampness using a medication, you can take Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang, and Ginseng Bai Zhu granules under the guidance of a professional doctor, as well as food therapy, and can eat more barley, red beans, yam, and other foods, to a certain extent, can play the auxiliary effect of strengthening the spleen and transforming dampness.

Is sweating a Yin or Yang deficiency?

It is not absolute whether sweating is a yin deficiency or yang deficiency, it is determined by the specific clinical symptoms.

If the sweating is aggravated during the day or after activity, this condition is generally considered to be caused by Yang deficiency.

If you sweat more during the night and stop sweating after waking up, this is a case of the night sweating, which is mostly caused by Yin deficiency and internal heat.

The actual sweating is usually related to the Yin deficiency and internal heat, and the hot discharge of J fluid can lead to sweating, so it is necessary to treat the specific situation according to the evidence and use the right medicine to treat it.

Can sweating excrete uric acid?

Doctor: Sweating does not excrete uric acid.

Sweat contains only a very small amount of uric acid, which is excreted from the body mainly through the kidneys and intestines, with the kidneys being the most important part of uric acid excretion. Not only can sweating not excrete uric acid, but a lot of sweating in a short period can lead to a decrease in blood volume in the body, causing an increase in the concentration of uric acid in the blood. In turn, it can induce acute attacks of gouty arthritis and is not conducive to the recovery of gout patients.

So gout patients are generally not recommended to sweat a lot, not recommended to exercise strenuously or sweat, if patients need to carry out the above-mentioned items, must pay attention to timely hydration.

Patients who want to increase the excretion of uric acid in the body are generally advised to drink more water so that it is conducive to the dissolution of uric acid in the urine and its excretion from the body.


Chinese medicine reminder: excessive sweating is a warning of certain diseases

For hyperhidrosis this disease we in our life is relatively common, we in our life will appear a lot of and hyperhidrosis-related content, sometimes we will feel that these diseases are no big deal, so will not be too to pay attention to what?

But really when the disease becomes powerful, we will know what kind of disease hyperhidrosis is, and the following is an introduction to what diseases hyperhidrosis is often associated with.


Sweat is the body's "barometer" if the following 5 parts sweat, or you need to pay attention to

1. Nose sweating

The nose sweating is a sign of lung deficiency, the nose will sweat a lot when eating, this is not a good sign, it is likely to be caused by the lack of lung gas.

Lung health is the guarantee of the normal operation of the human respiratory system, once the lungs are affected, it will affect the respiratory system, poor breathing, and nose sweating.

This phenomenon is very common in smokers, pounding the legs before bed to help unblock the lung meridian, can be a good way to improve nasal sweating.

2. back sweating more

As we all know, Chinese medicine is concerned with yin and yang, and the back of our body belongs to yin. Although it is said that a series of strenuous exercises or hot weather, will lead to a lot of sweating on the back.

But for those who do not exercise in some shady places, the back still sweating people, which means that the body is in the symptoms, the biggest may be Yang deficiency and cause.

Excessive back sweating

3. sweating on the forehead

If the temperature is relatively high, or after eating, there is a lot of sweating on the face. Patients with abdomen, fullness, and thirst are most likely to have accumulated food, which can be relieved by reducing the amount of food.

However, symptoms such as heavy and weak limbs, fatigue, stomach distension, body fever, and thick tongue coating are most likely manifestations of damp heat in the spleen and stomach. At this time should pay more attention to timely conditioning and maintenance, and pay attention to a light diet.

4. sweaty palms

The sweating of the palms is a deficiency of sweat, most likely due to the lack of qi and blood. When our internal environment is out of harmony or damp heat in the body, we are prone to nutrients can not be fully absorbed, resulting in the circulation of Qi and blood becoming slower, resulting in Qi and blood deficiency, and the palms are prone to sweating.

In addition, when our emotions are too tense, it is also easy to sweat on the palms of the hands, emotions too tense easily lead to plant nerve disorders, and sweating on the palms of the hands will be abnormally high.

So people with sweaty palms should pay attention to regulating their qi and blood, eat more food that replenishes qi and blood, and maintain a soothing mood, or can improve.

5. Sweating in the neck

Few people sweat in the neck because the sweat glands in the neck secrete less. If the neck sweats a lot, it is likely to be closely related to endocrine disorders.

According to these symptoms, diet adjustment and exercise can be used to strengthen resistance and immunity, enhance physical fitness, and prevent subhealth.

On the other hand, excessive physical exertion and mood swings can also affect the disease. Try to reduce the number of late nights and keep a happy mood to avoid causing endocrine system disorders.


Extension: How to regulate and help reduce hyperhidrosis?

1. Pay attention to a light diet

With hyperhidrosis, in addition to actively receiving treatment, one usually pays attention to diet in daily life. For example, try not to eat that spicy and cold food, and do not eat greasy food.

Especially those foods that have an irritating smell should be eaten less, such as onions, garlic, and other foods, because these kinds of food with a smell may be discharged with the sweat, making the sweat emit a very bad smell.

Summer diet should be light, try to eat more milk, and then eat more soy products.

Pay attention to a light diet

2. Perform emotional conditioning

Some people like to sweat because of emotional factors, such as excitement, excitement, etc., so it is important to maintain a good and stable emotion. Learn to regulate and relax your body and mind, for sweating this symptom also has a certain improvement effect.

Finally, patients need to pay attention to adequate rest and avoid staying up late. At the same time, you need to actively participate in physical exercise to strengthen your body's resistance.


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