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Drinking a cup of coffee, does it slow down aging or promote aging?

Although coffee is good, 4 kinds of food do not eat together!

By Lhasa GermanyPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Coffee as a western drink, with the increasingly close communication between countries, also lets our people fall in love with drinking coffee. Drinking a little coffee properly can improve the body's metabolism, accelerate the burning and consumption of fat, help in weight loss and slimming, and improve the efficiency of people's work and study.

In recent years, coffee has become the favorite of the beverage industry, especially for some students and office workers, to refresh and improve their efficiency in work and study, they drink several cups of coffee every day. Now, many experts claim that drinking coffee can not only refresh the brain but also has anti-aging effects, is this true or false?


Drinking coffee will reap these 6 benefits!

1. Reduce cardiovascular disease

The U.S. Journal of Circulatory Heart Failure published such a study, the report pointed out that with more than one cup of coffee a day, the risk of heart failure can be reduced by 12%.

Several studies have shown that appropriate coffee can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially reducing the chances of cardiovascular events.

2. Weight loss and slimming

Caffeine can promote metabolism, improve cellular vitality, and accelerate the speed of the body's functions, so that the body accelerates the discharge of harmful substances, but also accelerate fat burning, which can play a certain slimming effect of fat loss.

Many fitness people drink black coffee is the reason, at the same time, can also regulate the metabolism of pigment and thus achieve a certain beauty effect.

3. Protect the liver

Coffee can reduce the incidence of liver disease, and a cup of coffee every day can improve the body's fat balance, and can reduce oxidative stress. It is good for liver health and can play a role in the prevention of liver disease.

Especially those who are very unfriendly to the liver in life, often drink, smoke, and often stay up late. Part of some people in change bad habits at the same time, you can properly drink some coffee, the liver health benefits.

4. Drink coffee after meals can nourish the stomach and help digestion

A cup of coffee after meals is good for the stomach, it should be noted that if you drink coffee without anything in the stomach, the secretion of gastric juices will damage the gastric mucosa, thus damaging the health of the stomach.

Those who like to eat meat may want to drink a cup of coffee after meals, which has a very obvious effect on reducing the feeling of greasiness and helping digestion.

In addition, the content of soluble dietary fiber in coffee is higher than that of orange juice, and caffeine can also stimulate the intestinal tract and accelerate peristalsis, so drinking coffee can relieve constipation.

5. Relieve radiation

Drinking coffee can relieve radiation, for people who often sit in the office, a cup of coffee can relieve the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation, relieve the role of dry eyes, but also relieve vertigo caused by electromagnetic radiation.

6. Remove oral odor

Often drinking coffee can also remove the odor of the mouth, usually, some people have the habit of eating garlic, often eat garlic, the mouth will have a sour taste, and this time you can properly drink coffee to remove the smell of garlic.


Girls insist on drinking a cup of coffee every day, is it to slow down aging or promote aging? After reading up on the knowledge

On the issue of anti-aging, I believe most women have a lot to say. Then, the doctor gave a professional answer to the question of whether drinking coffee can delay or accelerate aging: moderate coffee consumption can delay aging, but excessive coffee consumption will accelerate aging.

Drinking coffee in moderation can delay aging, but drinking too much coffee will accelerate aging. Most people drink coffee mainly for refreshment, but some women believe that drinking coffee can delay aging. This is because coffee contains a certain amount of chlorogenic acid, which can help remove free radicals and maintain the normal structure and function of skin cells, thus delaying skin aging.

These are limited to drinking coffee in moderation. Drinking large amounts of coffee over a long period will accelerate the aging of the body, leading to excessive mental stress, dehydration of brain tissue, reduced blood supply and accelerated brain aging.

Drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of disease, cause headaches and anxiety, make the mind more nervous, and the intake of large amounts of caffeine in the body can also stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

That is to say, a small amount of coffee may not harm the body, but will also bring certain benefits to the body, and slow down the aging effect. But if you drink coffee without moderation, then you should be vigilant, because such practices will not only accelerate aging, but also lead to a tight state of the human nervous system, and even cause endocrine disruption.


How much coffee is appropriate to drink at a time?

Properly drinking coffee is still very good for the body, but if you drink too much coffee the body may have the opposite effect.

Therefore and when drinking coffee, the concentration of the number of solute substances can not be too high, the normal daily amount of coffee should not exceed 50 grams is better. If you drink too much coffee, it may trigger you to sleep deeply, which will cause the lowering of arterial blood pressure in the body's circulation.


Although coffee is good, 4 kinds of food do not eat together!

1. Meat

Compared to vegetables only 5%, the body can absorb meat iron efficiency increased to 15%. However, the tannin in coffee, but the body will affect the absorption of iron.

Therefore, when eating meat, it is also recommended to avoid green tea or coffee to prevent all the nutrients eaten from being wasted.

2. Cold medicine

Cold medicine is a matter of course, but we must also pay attention to science, especially not with coffee together, because cold medicine now generally contains ephedrine ingredients, which has a stimulating excitement.

If you take it with coffee, it will increase this stimulating effect and also increase the stimulation of the stomach mucosa. Not only is it not conducive to the treatment of colds, but it can also lead to adverse reactions such as stomach pain.

3. Wine

Wine and coffee should not be consumed at the same time. Stimulating beverages containing caffeine can make people feel refreshed, but over time, people will get the idea that they are drinking the stimulating beverage not much at all.

However, once alcohol enters a person's body and begins to take effect, it is difficult for the body to withstand such double stimulation. It is important to know that when the wine is added to coffee, the damage that alcohol can do to the body is doubled.

Some medical experts point out that drinking coffee and wine at the same time will cause very significant harm to the human body, not only will damage the heart function, more likely to cause serious heart disease.

4. black fungus, seaweed, animal liver

Simply put, iron-supplemented food should not be taken together with coffee as much as possible, girls have so many days to bleed every month, it is necessary to eat something to replenish blood.

But remember not to drink coffee again, on the one hand, coffee contains tannic acid will affect the absorption of iron, in addition to coffee is not good for menstruating girls.

Conclusion: Many people also like to add sugar when drinking coffee, many coffees itself is mixed with saccharin, if you add sugar, it is easy to lead to an increase in body fat content, which is not conducive to maintaining health.

Black coffee contains less sugar, which can not only refresh you but also help you lose weight to a certain extent, friends who have the conditions can choose black coffee.

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