Death Comes for Us All

No one is immune.

Death Comes for Us All

Death. Dying. It affects us all in some way or another and will someday come for us as well. I guess I am an odd sort in that I have an interest in reading about the dying process, what may happen after we die, and how it seems some people may know that they are going to die even though they may be perfectly healthy. Talking about death still seems to be taboo with some people and rightfully so, because who wants to talk about dying. It is an issue though that we will all succumb to someday and it's a natural process of life. We live, we die, and it is this way for every living thing.

Death does suck. Plain and simple; we can all agree on that. We almost all have had someone close to us die and it is a horrible pain. Whether it was suddenly or we knew it was going to happen, it never ceases to hurt the ones who were left behind. We always ask why, but could you imagine if we lived forever?

I was once SCARED out of my mind to die. It was a thought that was constantly on my mind. It would keep me awake at night because I couldn't shake the thought of dying. I have since gotten okay with it because it is inevitable for all of us. It is not something that you can run from, hide from, or reschedule. Nothing you do will ever keep you from dying. Say you stay at your house because you don't want to die in a car accident, but you will either just end up dying from natural causes or some accident in your house. There is no way to keep away from death. It will take you no matter what so there's no reason to spend your life worrying about when it will happen or how.

That being said, the only thing you should do is live your life in a way that will someday leave an impression on this world. I always keep a thought, in the back of my mind, that the people who have passed on would give ANYTHING to be where you are right now, even all the problems you may be having, if it meant that they could still be here. This helps me to keep life in perspective. I have bad days as anyone else does but I try to keep an upbeat look on life and things that happen. When you pass on, do you want people saying, "Well she really was always happy and smiling no matter what may have been going on in her life" or do you want people saying," Well she was always so depressed and unhappy with life and all she ever did was complain?" I would prefer the positive impression I leave with people.

As a side note, I want to talk about suicide for a moment. This is a very real issue and one of the quickest ways to death so I want to include it in my story. If you are contemplating suicide, PLEASE GET HELP. There are people who care about you and they would very much notice if you were gone. You are not alone no matter what you may be going through or feeling, there are people who will help you. Our lives are so precious, and I believe EVERY SINGLE LIFE is worth living. The point I made in the previous paragraph stands for this as well. The people who have passed on would give anything to be able to live again as you still are and I believe if they could tell us all one thing it would be to make the most of our lives and to cherish the precious gift of life while we can. So please, if you are contemplating suicide, PLEASE reach out to someone. Whether it be a hotline, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, relative, or hell, a cashier at the grocery store. Your life is worth living and you are worth it. Your life is not a mistake, your birth was not a mistake, and you, most importantly, ARE NOT ALONE.

In conclusion, we are all inevitably waiting for our time to "kick the bucket." It should not be something to worry over or stress over. It comes for us all and there is no escaping it. Death can be a beautiful thing depending on how you look at it. For when something dies, another thing is given life, and the circle just goes round and round. So, live your life every day as happy as you can. Try something you've never done or always wanted to do. Tell the people in your life how much they mean to you. Show kindness to a stranger. Experience all that life has to offer and leave no regrets.

Somer Michalski-Jones
Somer Michalski-Jones
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