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Death By A Thousand Cuts — Why People Are Fighting A Losing Battle With Food — Experience Counts, Nothing Else

Anti-meat eaters love to attack me because I’m “only” a nutritionist, not a medical doctor or scientist!

By Rob Hourmont Published 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 4 min read
Does he look unhealthy to you? Photo courtesy of Dr. Paul Saladino www.carnivoremd.com

Some people get a kick out of criticizing my health and nutrition-based articles — calling me wrong while trying to ridicule my experience, qualifications, and know-how.

They love to blatantly dismiss my 8-plus years of experience on the keto diet as “meaningless” when I’m living proof of its success.

I point out that I used to be severely overweight, on 10 meds, had terrible headaches, leaky gut, insomnia, was depressed, and finally, had a stroke — they say that doesn’t count.

Almost dying because of the wrong food, to recover and fully thrive because of the proper diet, doesn’t count?

It does more than that.

My story serves as time-tested evidence about which diet and lifestyle practices work and keep you alive, young, and on fire, as opposed to those that burn you out and will put you 6 feet under much sooner!

The simple truth?

I got into this terrible metabolic and mental health mess because I ate too many carbs, plant fibers, and sugar.

Like most, I didn’t know any better — I was slowly killing myself with my low-protein, high-carb, sugar-rich, and fiber-heavy diet.

It was like “death by a thousand cuts.”

At first, you don’t notice the change — one small cut doesn’t hurt — it’s life.

You take your re-occurring illnesses and frequent doctor visits as part of the aging process. Yet, the cuts become endless, and you are fearful for your life.

Your ongoing health decline leaves you frustrated, angry, depressed, and sick of life. By now, you’ve unknowingly set up your mind and life for failure.

A negative mindset takes over your daily life, with you losing sight of everything around you and especially your future.

Illness after illness and diagnosis after diagnosis leave you perplexed, without answers, and stuffed to the brim full of medicine.

Please, believe me, it’s really not a good condition to be in. I went through hell and almost didn’t find a way out.

Like a miracle, I found my stairway to heaven!

Out of the blue, when I was stuck in deep darkness with nowhere to go, a light came to me, and a new door opened, offering me a way out of my hellhole.

My Recovery

I started to research what causes strokes and how to avoid them.

Everything pointed me to food, being overweight, with clogged arteries caused by the vast amount of sugar (and carbs) consumed.

It became clear that sugar — like carbs and fiber — is a heart-stopper if you eat too much of them.

Then I stumbled upon ancestral health, the keto, paleo, and carnivore diets. So I began to study food and took an in-depth nutritional course.

What I learned was shocking and almost heart-stopping in itself. I’d been poisoning and making myself sick with the wrong food and drink all my life.

Throughout the 6 month course, I completely changed my diet, fitness plan, and lifestyle practices.

After only 2 months, I lost all the excess weight, dropping my pant size from 34 to 28.

My beer belly disappeared, and I began to see my abs again.

After another month of practicing my specialized new training routine, my body became muscular and lean. That’s something I hadn’t been in 20 years.

Then, one by one, I came off all medications.

I reversed my terrible blood markers to excellent, with the good HDL cholesterol skyrocketing and bad LDL dumping.

A CT coronary angiogram revealed I had no more plaque buildup or blockages in my arteries.

Funny that, isn’t it?

I went full keto and then keto-carnivore and healed myself in 3 months from being obese, sick, and a depressed metabolic and mental mess to super healthy, fit, lean, and never ill.

History speaks the truth

That was over 8 years ago. I’ve remained in the same great shape ever since.

Not only that, I’ve coached hundreds back to excellent health. In addition, I’ve written 4 E-Books on health, food, and fitness, which so far have helped close to 1000 people.

I’m just getting started, and I will not back off from something that saved me and allowed me to live a healthy and happy life again.

Would you?

If you still want to disqualify my deep experience, excellent track record, knowledge, and education in health and food, that’s your problem, not mine.

What I do works every time if you stay on course.

Final Thoughts

I may “only” be a nutritionist, metabolic health coach, and writer, but I know food and its effects on the body and mind better than most.

If you don’t believe or agree with me because I’m not a medical doctor or what you understand to be a “scientist,” I suggest you consult with my colleagues and medical doctor friends who live just like me.

Here are a few for you to reach out to:

Dr. Ovadia (heart surgeon)

Dr. Lufkin

Dr. Baker

Dr. Berry

Dr. Saladino

Drop them a line, and tell them, as you do me, they’re killing themselves by following the keto-carnivore diet. If you dare to try, I’m pretty sure they will happily answer and correct you.

Good luck, and long live the keto diet — the natural and real way to eat.

Living Life by Following Natural Principles!


MBA from Robert Kennedy College & University of Cumbria, UK.

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach | Trainer | Blogger | Copywriter | Author

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