Daily Tarot Reading 08162019

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What do you need to know today?

Daily Tarot Reading 08162019

The Empress

What should I know about today?

The Empress suggests there is a need for compassion and understanding today. This could mean that there are people around you who are in need of your support and kindness or simply that you need to be kinder to yourself. When The Empress turns up it is often to remind us that taking time out to act in a considerate way is not a distraction from life but an important component of it.

In need of support

In the Tarot deck there is both an Emperor and an Empress. The difference between them is that the Empress rules her dominion in a more feminine way. She is the mother of the nation. Her approach is to look after and care for her subjects as if they were her own children. She is both compassionate and forgiving. She believes that the way to get the most out of people is to nurture and care for them and that this is the only responsible way for anyone in authority to behave. The Empress urges us to look at our own lives and the way we treat the people around us. Do we always act with compassion and understanding? This card also asks us to extend compassion to ourselves, which for many can be the hardest lesson to take from The Empress.

Queen of Wands

How should I approach this day?

You should approach whatever you are doing at this time with energy and vitality. The more you put in, the more you get out. This is a time to be optimistic and life-affirming, to shake the blues when they arise and turn negatives in your life into positives. The Queen of Wands indicates that you have tremendous, untapped resources of vitality and enthusiasm, so trust that even if you feel 'dark' inside it does not mean the light is not there. It is just dimmed and is sure to brighten again.

Be optimistic and turn negatives into positives

The Queen of Wands represents vitality and the spark of life. She has fire in her belly and believes that life is for living. This card represents the life energy in all of us which cannot be destroyed, though may be hidden or asleep. Somewhere deep down inside us we all have this aliveness—the sort that made us want to get up in the morning when we were children. The Queen reminds us that this vitality is the source of our energy and inspiration. Therefore we should turn to it when we want to make positive changes in our life.

Two of Cups

What is the true potential of this day?

The Two of Cups in this position predicts you will find connectedness or reconciliation today. This could represent a new or improved association with another person or a reconciliation within yourself, as two conflicting aspects of your personality find harmony and resolution. If you have been feeling alone lately, this card is a good indication that this time will pass. The card does not only refer to romantic associations, so try to be aware of new partnerships of any kind. By being open to and welcoming in all varieties of relationship, you will bring greater harmony to your life and keep yourself on your right path.

Greater connectedness and harmony coming

The Two of Cups is the card of connection. It usually represents the association of two people but could also be the coming together of two minds or two ideas. The Two of Cups is one of those unavoidable "You will meet a tall, dark stranger" tarot cliches! It can indeed signal a romantic attraction, either presently in your life or about to happen for you. The card can also represent the art of helping one another out: a temporary meeting of two souls, assisting one another on the path and enjoying each others' company. The essence of this card is relationship. It speaks of the unity of two aspects, and the problems inherent within this. In order for two souls, two minds or even two separate parts of ourselves to come together, there may need to be some fireworks or growing pains as we are stretched into bigger people, able to take in more than just ourselves. However, the card reflects reconciliation also, as the two halves are flung both apart and back together in the dance towards harmony.

Shari Malin
Shari Malin
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