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Costco Hearing Aids Saved Our Marriage

The product is life-changing

By Brenda MahlerPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Costco Hearing Aids Saved Our Marriage
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He sat in the living room recliner watching TV with the volume turned up loud enough that I could hear it from the bedroom. When he watched golf, it didn’t bother me, but those blood-and-gore mystery movies drove me crazy. I would intentionally go to the bedroom to read so I wouldn’t have to witness child abductions, decapitations, and walls turned into abstract art with splatters of blood and other bodily fluids.

However, as the suspense built, the bass in the music increased. From two rooms away I knew somebody was going to die just by the echoes and tones. My husband always has been accommodating, so when asked to turn the TV volume down, he did, but it still blared loud enough to raise goosebumps on my arm.

Randy worked around loud noises at a time when it wasn’t cool to wear ear protection. So, when a woman with the gun to her head screamed like a howler monkey protecting his territory, he heard the volume increase to the level of a mother who forgot to put salt in the gravy.

We tried placing an amplifier beside his chair in hopes it would help him hear while not consuming the whole room. We purchased a sound bar that was advertised to improve sound quality. We bought some “As seen on TV” hearing aids attached by wires to a box that allowed him to raise and lower the sound. Each offered some improvement but also created more problems.

It was time for a conversation

When we finally admitted there was a problem, we knew it was time to take action. First, we agreed that if what he heard sounded odd then he should ask clarifying questions instead of responding with agitation as if I had said something ridiculous.

I found it annoying when I asked him if he wanted to plant lettuce in the garden, and he responded, “We just ate dinner. I don’t want a salad.” Or to hear him speak in exclamations when I told him the kids were coming to dinner the following week: “They just left! Why are they coming back? I am not hungry for dinner; it was a huge lunch!”

Eventually, I grew tired of being told to stop mumbling and when I raised my voice, being told I didn’t have to shout. Knowing something had to change, I scheduled an appointment to have his hearing checked at the most convenient place I could think of — Costco. Trying to get him into a doctor’s office would have caused more tension, but a big box store where we could look at camping gear, tools, and eat the food samples created a lure for our visit.

Testing the product

Professional audiologists work at Costco. They are skilled and knowledgeable about state-of-the-art technology. After testing Randy’s hearing, they fitted him with a pair of hearing aides to test as he walked around the store. The first thing he asked me was a surprise, “Do those fans always make that noise?” He had never heard them before. As we roamed the aisles, he was amazed at how much he had been missing. We became concerned that the noise would bother him but were so impressed with the quality and reassured by the doctor that we decided to make a purchase.

The length of time it takes to adapt to hearing aids really depends on how quickly you address your hearing loss. Research shows that most people can adjust to hearing aids within 30 days with regular use. — Hearing Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Our decision to make the financial investment was made easier by Costco’s warranty and return policies. They assured us that there is a 6-month trial period and if we were not completely satisfied, we could return the hearing aids for a full refund. A friend shared his experience that when he lost his when traveling, Costco replaced them free of charge. In the end, Randy could not think of any good reasons to not give them a try, other than vanity.

Life is better; our marriage is sound

I am happy for two reasons: the noise from the TV no longer consumes our home and our communication is clear — unless he wants to block me out and turn the volume down on his hearing aid.

Randy has a new lease on life because of the amenities the device offers, each improving his life:

The aids pair with his phone. This allows him to communicate without misunderstandings. Since the sound goes straight to his ears, it also makes it possible to take a call while driving using the hands-free option on the vehicle.

  • He listens to music while mowing the lawn, doing chores, and when riding his Harley because of the Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Talking to the grandchildren is possible because he can actually understand what they are saying. Before using the aids, Randy would pick up a couple of words, smile, and nod — a situation that was less than desirable.
  • Whenever we travel, and we travel a lot, there is a Costco nearby, so cleanings are easily accessible.
  • He purchased his second set recently, not because there was a problem but because the technical advancements over the last 12 years have produced incredible improvements. One change that he enjoys is that the devices are rechargeable, and batteries are no longer needed.


The main disadvantage is that they are so comfortable, he forgets he is wearing the hearing aids and has been known to enter the shower wearing them.

I am having trouble thinking of any other problems and concerns — at least none that he has vocalized. In fact, we speak so highly about Costco and its product that my father and four friends have all invested in the product and found life-changing results.

Our recommendation

If you are having difficulty hearing, visit the Costco audiology department.

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