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Candles & Main leaves and herbs for kids

by Mopsy Meirelles 2 years ago in spirituality
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The mystical power of candles in its rituals and works as a way to strengthen the bond with the spiritual world. The candleflame transmits messages and signals that can be interpreted, see below.

Candles are able to transmit messages and signals to us through the color of the flame and the way it burns. By being able to understand these messages, we approach the spiritual world of Umbanda and become more able to elevate our spirituality.

Ceromancy is a form of oracle, by which the person interprets the “answer” coming from the spiritual world, through the “reading” of the flame and the candle wax.

The word that calls this oracle, derives from the junction of cero (wax) and mancy (revelation).

When lighting a candle, it is necessary to observe it, in every detail, to interpret this oracle.

The candle symbolizes the human being: body (candle), conscience (wick) and spirit (flame).

To consult this oracle it is necessary to look for a calm and quiet place and light a white candle.

The relaxed person with eyes closed, will mentalize your request and intention when lighting the candle.


Intense yellow flame: indicates that happiness is close to you

Intense red flame: indicates that the wish you placed will be placed

Light blue flame: indicates that your wish will undergo some changes, and your protective angel is asking you to be calm and wait, that your order will be fulfilled.

Very bright flame: it shows that your request is being heard at that moment, and that it is favorable.

Bright candle wick: it is a strong indication of success and luck in your life.


Very weak flame: if the candle flame has no strength, it is small, oscillating and weak, it means that your order needs to be reinforced, it is not strong enough.

Very low flame: if your flame is not weak, that is, it does not oscillate, but it is very low, it means that your request will be fulfilled, however it may take time.

Flame that fluctuates a lot: if the flame of your candle trembles, it fluctuates too much (without the entry of winds) it means that for your request to be granted there must be a transformation in your life.

A flame that goes out for no reason: it is a sign that your angel will do his part to help you, but your request will require more efforts on your part than on the spiritual side.

Candle that burns completely: when your candle burns completely, without needing to be rekindled or with other manifestations, it is a good sign, it means that your request has been accepted by the angel and will be invoked.

Crying candle: means that your order is very difficult to fulfill.

Main leaves and herbs for kids


Can be used for cleaning baths; or to calm and soothe a very tricky, disobedient child or a sick child; (NOTE: no bath should replace a visit to the doctor); to scent environments and invoke the energy of children, in jobs asking the Saints Cosmas and Damian Children for prosperity.

Rosemary Used in baths, smoking.

White Rose

Mainly used in baths to calm very agitated, nervous or disobedient children. It can also be used to decorate works offered to Saints Cosmas and Damian.


Used in smoking and energizing baths.


Used in unloading, smoking, shaking baths or to perfume an environment invoking the energies of the children.


Widely used to help women get pregnant, insure the pregnancy and have a safe delivery; or to maintain the health of the female reproductive system. It should be consumed fresh or in the form of fresh juices.

Cotton leaves

Uses in energizing baths, energy cleaning and protection.


Used in energizing and protection bath.


Used in energizing and cleaning baths, in the composition of abô and amaci. As tea or in flavored water it works as a tranquilizer (leave a bottle of water with 3 fresh sage leaves for 24 hours in the refrigerators; then consume the water during the day and replenish it as you finish without removing the leaves. Close or restart treatment when the leaves start to deteriorate inside the bottle).


Used in the form of tea or bath, it serves to calm; remove a fat eye and protect children, especially babies.


Used in the form of bath or tea, it serves to calm children and babies, cuts fat eyes; and helps very agitated children to be calmer and more focused.

Star anise

It can be used in baths and smoking, promoting cleanliness and balance; and stimulating the development and strengthening of intuition and mediumship.


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Mopsy Meirelles

My name is Michelle a descendant of gypsy family I traveled to almost 85 countries and lived in 10 different countries.As I come from a long journey one of my new passions is to write about the behavior and emotions around the world.

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