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Did you know about mirrors?

by Mopsy Meirelles 2 years ago in spirituality
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The Mirrors

In ancient Greece, "magic" mirrors were used by the witches of Thessaly in the 3rd century BC. These priestesses wrote their predictions in blood. Mirrors were also used by specularii, an order of priests from classical Rome who claimed to be able to see the past, present and future in these objects.

This tradition - using mirrors for magical purposes - is known by the name "catoptromancy" or "captromancy".

The word came from the Greek term for the mirror, katoptron. The practice was not exclusive to Greeks and Romans, and it appears at various times in history, in different parts of the world.

In Africa and some rituals the mirrors they are used for " Blackmagic " or Voodoos.

Nowadays, most mirrors are made using powdered aluminum, but the ancient Egyptians produced these objects with polished copper. For those African people, copper was associated with the goddess Hathor - the female personification of the solar disk. Hathor was the owner of beauty, love, sex and magic. The Aztecs made their mirrors by polishing obsidian - a type of natural volcanic "glass". They believed that the mirrors were linked to the god Tezcatlipoca, whose name means "smoking mirror". Tezcatlipoca was the lord of night, time and ancestral memory - and, for the Aztecs, he used mirrors to make the crossing between Earth and the underworld.

In China, it was believed that mirrors could concentrate and capture the energy of the stars, especially that of the Moon.

There was even an emperor whose entry into office was attributed to the power of mirrors.

Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin dynasty, claimed, in the year 25 after Christ, to have a mirror that allowed him to see the inner qualities of people who looked at the object.

The "real" Snow White is believed to have been a baroness of Bavaria, the 18th largest German state.

This baroness' father would have remarried in 1743, and Snow White's stepmother preferred her children from a previous relationship. From her new husband, she got a mirror as a gift.

The object was known as a "talking mirror". It was said that the mirrors produced in the village of Lohr (today in Germany) were of such quality that they always "told the truth" - hence the name.

In the legend, the "talking mirror" tells the stepmother that there is, indeed, someone more beautiful than her, Snow White.

Such a mirror not only really exists, but it can still be seen today, at the Spessart museum, in Lohr castle.

In Victorian England, when a dead person was veiled before being taken to the cemetery, all the mirrors in the house were covered with fabrics - it was believed that the dead person's soul could be trapped in the mirrors. This practice was adopted not only in Great Britain, but also in North America, China, the island of Madagascar, the Crimea region and Mumbai (India). The custom is still maintained by some Jewish families during "shiva", the weeklong mourning of Judaism.

A good movie talking about this is The Skeleton Key (2005) Official Trailer | Fear

with actress Kate Hudson

About Mirrors .

⚜ If you leave home, you forget something and have to go back, look in the mirror, because if the spirit of failure has followed you, it will see your reflection and be frightened.

⚜ You cannot eat while looking in the mirror, as this takes away your energy.

⚜ Do not look in the mirror when you are in a bad mood, sick or tired, this will only strengthen your condition.

⚜ In the bedroom, it is undesirable to have mirrors in front of the bed (and especially on the ceiling), this brings a loss of vitality.

⚜ They should also not be hung in the hallway in front of the door, as this leads to a waste of positive energy from home.

⚜ Do not take any old mirror from another person into the house, you will bring that other person's energy into the house. In some cases, even a restless soul.

⚜ They reflect what we see and secrete what we don't see.

⚜ Do not sleep in front of the mirror, as the soul leaves when we sleep and it may see itself outside the body and not want to return.

⚜ Mirrors at the entrance to the house ward off bad energy and obsessive spirits.

⚜ Avoid leaving broken mirrors at home, the energy in it is released so it brings bad things.

Do you like mirrors? Use them wisely!


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My name is Michelle a descendant of gypsy family I traveled to almost 85 countries and lived in 10 different countries.As I come from a long journey one of my new passions is to write about the behavior and emotions around the world.

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