Can Vision Boards Assist You with Your Goals?

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Can Vision Boards Assist You with Your Goals?

If you have read any of my other articles, you know that I am a believer and supporter of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction basically says that whatever you think about most, you attract into your life. This can be loosely translated into quantum physics by saying whatever intention or energy you are radiating out into the quantum field is what will be created in your life.

If you're doubting this, you're what we call 'asleep'. You're not awake yet, or "woke," as the new generation is calling it. Taking the time to create a vision board gets you excited. It gets your energy and attention focused on your goals. It does what singing and praying does in church. It elevates your energy or your spirit. You begin thinking about how it would feel to have that new car, or what it would feel like on stage presenting your new book to the world. It gets your blood pumping and your heart racing. It creates enthusiasm and anticipation. It rekindles the fire inside you, which ultimately gets you inspired to take at least one step in the direction of your goal.

When you're using the Law of Attraction, you are placing an order using the catalog of Universe. You're reverting to that kid-like state of imagination that the Universe loves to respond to. You're back to wishing on shooting stars and pitching pennies into a fountain—no fears, no doubts, just you tapping into that innocent desire of yours. You pitch your penny into the fountain and you feel the magic for a few moments of what it would feel like if that wish actually came true. Utilizing the Law of Attraction is KNOWING the order you placed is going to come true. You place your order and you trust in The Universe to align the path for you. Yes, you have to take action, even just a little at a time, but it counts. You're moving forward. Your wish will come true for you. You must only do one thing consistently. Believe.

Watch that cursor blink on the line the search bar while you think long and hard about what you really want. What would you want if money were no longer an issue? Customize it. Dig deep into your imagination. Instead of just any old BMW, how about a purple one with custom plates that say BLVNLOA? It's your world. Dream up an amazing one. Take the time to really search out just the right photo. You'll know it when you see it. You'll feel it. Be that specific for every item on your vision board and enjoy that bliss of planting seeds into the quantum field of infinite possibilities. How will The Universe know what you want if you don't ever bother to ask for it?

Don't worry about how or when it's all going to happen. That's not your job. You don't follow the waiter into the kitchen to watch the chef prepare your dinner. You trust that it will be delivered in a timely manner and maybe even tasting better than you expected. The same thing goes for placing the order with The Universe. You just trust that, by putting one foot in front of the other, The Universe will align you with everyone and everything you require to accomplish your goals.

Every time something happens that your mind wants to categorize as a coincidence, we call that a synchronicity. This appears out of nowhere at random times along your journey. They are there to let you know you are still on the right path. The universe has not forgotten you. When synchronicities begin to happen to you, you get recharged with positive energy. Sometimes your mind will try to convince you it was all in your head, but that is where your faith comes in. If you decide to try the Law of Attraction, your faith and belief is key.

We can't see the bigger picture, but The Universe is lining things up for you in Divine Timing. You may need to be an exact place at an exact time to strike up just the right conversation with just the right person. When you have this happen to you, be ready to be blown away by the surprise of it all. You'll be so confident and excited, you'll be wondering what's coming next. You have to be look at all of this with a sense of child-like wonder. Expect miracles and they will appear for you, hand-delivered so you just know it was magic that you worked hand-in-hand with The Universe to create.

Once you make your vision board, make sure to hang it somewhere where you will you see it every day. Bask in it, breathe it in, and imagine living it. Be grateful for it because it's already on its way to you. You've taken the first step of co-creation. You've placed your order with The Universe! I'm so excited for you! You're on your way!

I actually created two vision boards. The one at the beginning of the article is my long-term vision board. Here's the short-term one I created.

How does it work?
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