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by Samantha Jamison 5 days ago in wellness / mental health / meditation / advice
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Cats. Art. Literature. Music.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

I learned this trick from Jane the Virgin and loved it. When Jane was feeling really frustrated or upset, her grandmother told her to remain CALM. Think of things that keep her calm or make her happy. Grandma's really do know everything. Whenever I'm feeling frantic or frustrated or any big feeling, I just think C.A.L.M. Thinking of things that keep me calm. Because what a neat trick.

Cats. Art. Literature. Music. (Get it? It also spells calm!)

This week, we had a pretty tough week at work, just all around, everyone was in a mood and just ready for the weekend. We also had a pretty big thing happen on Thursday that messed some people up emotionally. So, I suggested that everyone stay CALM. Thinking of things that make you happy or keep you in a good mindset can help you get through whatever tough situation is happening or future situations.

Putting yourself in the right mindset even before is potentially going to help you get through it.

Whether it's work, an appointment, a family gathering. Do, for yourself, whatever you can to be in the moment and stay in the moment. We are all so busy thinking about what happened yesterday or what's going to happen tomorrow or next week or next year.

I know how hard it can be. Everyone has these tricks they use and they're not going to work for everyone. But once you find the one that really works for your mind and body, use it every day.

Deep breathing is another good tool. Combine it with the CALM exercise and you should be feeling better in no time!

Meditation is helpful, although, I use guided meditations most of the time. While I'm at work, I tend to put on some jazz, or even meditation music and I think CALM thoughts.

There are many different ways to bring yourself back down from whatever big feelings you are feeling. I think the most important thing is that we're not taking our frustrations out on other; strangers, people we love, people we work with.

Use CALM. Deep breathe. Meditate.

Cats. If the moment calls for it of course, I'll look up a cat video or look at pictures of my own cats. They're so silly and curious and love to get into anything and everything.

By ModCatShop on Unsplash

Art. I like to color. I get those de-stressing coloring books for adults and I love them. I even have a cat one!! I also have a bullet journal (I'm still learning) but that's also a helpful tool to help keep my life together because it can get messy! I make calenders, set goals, and journal in it. It's great and I can get as creative as I want!

By Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Literature. Books are life. In my opinion anyway. Reading is my favorite escape. Right now I'm absolutely obsessed with Alice Hoffman. I need to branch out and get other books of hers besides The Practical Magic series, but DAMN. That's a good book series.

By freestocks on Unsplash

Music. I think music is a perfect calming tool. I mean, who doesn't love music? I try to throw on something upbeat that will put me in a better mood. Rock and roll if I'm feeling pretty amped up. Hardcore, screamo music is for those very rare special occasions. Most of the time I listen to jazz or lofi on YouTube. There's Studio Gibli Cafe style that's truly relaxing to listen to.

By Adrian Korte on Unsplash

SO. Think C.A.L.M. What keeps you calm? Write it down where you can see it every day. Remind yourself. Not every day has to be great or magical. Sometimes it's okay to say "I survived today. I stayed CALM."

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Samantha Jamison

I'm back into writing and can't wait to get some stories that have been moving around in my head. I love to write fiction and I love to journal. My hopes are to become a better writer and avid reader. I love wine and cats.

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  • Heather Hubler4 days ago

    These are great ideas :) I plan to try to use some of them. Thanks for sharing!

  • I loved this , lots of great points, well written and you got a subscription

  • LOVED this! As a singer/songwriter, music is often my muse. I love that there's an acronym for this. I typically have a smooth, calming jazz station playing somewhere when I'm at work or writing. These are GREAT tips! Thanks for posting!

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