Best On-The-Go Meditation Places

Whether you’re a student managing a busy schedule or a parent managing three kids’ busy schedules, there’s always a time and place you can find to meditate on-the-go.

Best On-The-Go Meditation Places

Of course meditating in the serene zen garden in your backyard is ideal, but it also may not be realistic depending on your living situation, which leaves us many people looking for suitable on-the-go meditation places. If you’re like me, finding a peaceful corner in my own apartment is next to impossible, let alone a private outdoor space. Luckily, it’s not necessary to have this perfect, private place to meditate. There are plenty of public spaces and situations where you can sneak in a 15-20 minute revitalizing meditation session. Whether you’re a student managing a busy schedule or a parent managing three kids’ busy schedules, there’s always a time and place you can find to meditate on-the-go.

Your Car

Now maybe you already spend too much time in your car just on your way to and from work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent the space for your meditation. Once you park, try getting into the passenger seat and reclining the chair back to a comfortable position. You might even want to keep a subtle air freshener ready for times like this. Crack the windows to get some fresh air flow and enter into your bliss. This little trick is great if you’re on pick-up duty for the kids and arrive a few minutes early to school. If you drive to work, try leaving a half hour early to miss the morning traffic and then sneak in a few moments of presence in the parking lot before your hectic day.

Even if you don’t drive daily but find yourself on a road trip or particularly long drive, your car can be of great use for an on-the-go meditation space. Needing an energy boost? Pull to the side of the road and enjoy a quick meditation to break up the trip.

During Your Commute

Of course this won’t work if you drive to work, but if you commute via public transportation, there’s always room for a short meditation session.

Buses and trains during the morning and evening commute can be a nightmare. The energy on public transit is dense as we mindlessly scroll through our phone, focusing on what’s next rather than where we are in that moment. Personal space becomes precious and tension easily rises among sleepy commuters. Why not elevate out of that atmosphere; find zen amongst the hustle. It will certainly be good practice for working with distractions. I’d advise tuning into your favorite meditation track, putting your sunglasses or a hat on, and focusing on your breath. Start your day with brighter intentions and you will quickly see the rewards. I don’t often recommend setting alarms, but to avoid missing your stop an alarm may be practical here.

In an Office Lobby

Get creative! Lobbies are usually quiet, organized spaces that could make the perfect on-the-go meditation place.

Next time you’re awaiting that dreaded doctor’s appointment or find yourself sitting in a lobby for whatever reason, try using the time to meditate. Even if it’s just for a few moments, why not make the most of your time and align yourself with the present? Again here I’d recommend the headphones, sunglasses, and hat trifecta. If the lobby is busy, try picking a corner where you’re less likely to be disturbed.

In a Yoga Studio

The newest, trendiest version of yoga can put a serious dent in your monthly budget, but utilizing the space for meditation should be no cost at all.

As yoga becomes more widely practiced, studios are popping up everywhere. Regardless of whether or not you’re a member, most studios will allow people to practice a quick meditation between classes. Yoga studios are perfect as an on-the-go meditation place because they already have the peaceful environment and good vibes; all you need is your body, mind, and breath. This is a good trick to use if you find yourself in a new city while traveling or maybe after a big move. It will allow you to “test out” different yoga studios for free! Just ask nicely and stop by at convenient times, and most likely the space will be yours for bit.

Under a Tree

Okay, not necessarily specifically under a tree, but any outdoor space works well for meditation purposes.

Whether it’s in the park across the street from your office on your lunch break, or maybe somewhere nestled beside a mountain while you’re hiking, find yourself grounded in nature. If you’re out in the summer, I’d recommend finding shade and perhaps a tree trunk to rest your back against. Bring a small blanket or sarong to sit on if you plan your meditation beforehand. Whenever you see a nice looking area outside, no matter how small or large, try to envision yourself meditating there and give it a go next time you have a chance. This can be especially nice around sunset just as the temperature is cooling down, perhaps after a long day at work. A short meditation in the middle of your day can go a long way.

Malls or Museums

I know—a mall possibly sounds like the last place to find peace and quiet, especially when your mind is being bombarded with advertisements and distractions, but hear me out.

Even the most chaotic of malls usually have sitting areas with comfortable seats and people resting from the madness. Take advantage of this! Maybe you were dragged to the mall by your friend anyway and you really shouldn’t be dipping into that latest paycheck. So sit yourself down and meditate on-the-go. Museums offer a similar, yet quieter option, but depending on your daily routine it may be more often that you find yourself in a mall than a museum. Make the most of whatever your situation.

Public Libraries or Bookstores

Again, this is a great way to explore a new city or even your hometown.

I know several cities off the top of my head with strikingly beautiful, spacious public libraries. Even in small towns, libraries are great because there’s always at least one, they’re free, and they usually have great hours. You don’t need a library card to use the space, so why not re-purpose it for on-the-go meditation? Choose a quiet corner and a comfortable chair, which shouldn’t be difficult, and ommmmm.

I remember growing up bookstores used to be one of my favorite place to explore. It’s great to reconnect with that today; bookstores are a wonderful environment for adults, too. There’s no need to purchase a book, if you can sneak away from your hectic day for a few moments of peace, a bookstore will function well as your next meditation space.

Church or Temple

You don’t have to be religious to utilize religious spaces, and the spaces themselves are perfect for an on-the-go meditation place.

Wherever you are, I doubt it will be difficult to find a church or temple in a convenient place for you. The environment itself is ideal as it’s free, quiet, and often beautiful. If you’re hesitant to meditate in public, sacred spaces are a good first step because you’ll fit right in with other visitors quietly sitting on the pews.

As much as we’d like to set aside time every day to meditate, it’s just not always realistic. Try to get creative and challenge yourself to find on-the-go meditation places wherever you can. The more you start utilizing new spaces, the more you will begin to see the world full of potential on-the-go meditation places.

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