Apps That Will Help Make Drinking Water a Part of Your Daily Routine

Your brain and body can't function without drinking water but too many of us are thirstier than we know it. These apps fix that!

Apps That Will Help Make Drinking Water a Part of Your Daily Routine

You need water. That's why the water privatization is so harmful; it deprives human beings of what they need to live. Ironically, many people in wealthy nations forget to drink the right amount of water because they're too busy being distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that will help make drinking water a part of your daily routine. It'll make your life better and remind you just how important it is that everyone has access to clean drinking water.

The truth about sugar is just as important as the truth about water. You need water as much as you don't need refined sugars. This is one of the easiest apps to use to make sure you're drinking water. Just press the button and it logs your amount. This app will even help you reach your goals with a reminder.

Most fitness trackers will also help you track how much water your drinking since drinking water is a big part of fitness. MyFitnessPal is the app that I use, but there are plenty more that work just as well. You gotta drink water as a part of your fitness routine because otherwise you're not actually being fit. You're literally depriving yourself of a vital part of your day and getting in the way of having a good metabolism.

This app is a lot like a coach. It tells you how hard you need to hustle to be drinking plenty of water and it tells you to keep it up every time you need another serving of H20. Unlike a coach, though, it can't be a surrogate parent and the validation you receive from drinking the right amount of water really pales in comparison with self-acceptance. Maintaining proper fluid intake is nice though!

This app ties your weight to the amount of drinking water you need. Since you'll be logging your weight a few times a month to make sure you're getting all the water a day you need, you'll be forced to come to terms with your body issues and weight goals. Unexpected! I believe everybody is a beach body. I'm also aware of how our perceptions are constructed socially and how what we want is an expression of our past experiences. What I say is: don't worry. So long as you live a healthy lifestyle, which includes drinking a glass of water a day eight times a day, you'll end up being happy with the body you have. Especially given that how we feel when we look in the mirror influences the reflection we see.

One way to curtail America's dependence on processed food is by drinking more water! That's because switching to a whole food diet that contains the right amount of water will lead you to kick your processed food addiction. You won't want that stuff anymore because you'll feel so good without it and your body will have gotten used to healthy living. And Gulps can help you get there.

Gulps lets you keep track of the type of container you're drinking water from. It keeps you on track to meet your goals and provides you with a reminder function as well.

An app like Hydro Drink Water can help lead to sustainable habit change. You can make your own goals or use Hydro Drink Water's formula to help you determine how much drinking water you need per day. A color-coded option makes this app so easy to use you don't even need to think to use it. Plus, it's got stats!

Drinking water doesn't only mean drinking water. Waterlogged knows this and lets you count drinks other than H2O. You can also save your favorite drinks and choose your containers based on actual pictures, which leaves you with more time to drink!

Aqualert does it all with bright colors. It makes drinking water simple by bringing together the best features of every other app. There's customizability of drinks, simple addition and subtraction of beverages, and plenty of charts to please the math heads among us. Plus, it tells you when you're getting overhydrated.

This app will make drinking water easy by teaching you all about why you should be drinking water. It also gamifies hydration by giving you badges and achievements and has a social component for getting your friends involved as well. The rising tide lifts all the boats, and then makes it easier for all the boats to up their fluid intake.

Water Time Gold reminds you should be drinking water, how much of it, and keeps track of other drinks too. It gives you reminders and lets you know when you should stop drinking water so you don't have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.

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