Best Rated Probiotics on Amazon for Women

Vaginal, digestive, and emotional health get a boost thanks to the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women.

Best Rated Probiotics on Amazon for Women

To quote El-P, "I might have been born yesterday, but I stayed up all night." I read the Washington Post article about why you should always buy the men's version of almost anything because PATRIARCHY. So I'm rightfully hesitant about buying the best rated probiotics on Amazon forwomen.

I have to admit, though, that the number of reviews is so staggering that all my doubts have been assuaged. And that's important because probiotics are good for almost everything. Your immune system, mood, and digestive health are all positively impacted by good bacteria.

I know that in a capitalist society I ought not to confuse choice for freedom... but wowie zowie; there are a lot of choices! I'm usually super cynical and jaded but all these products geared toward women's health have made my heart swell 5 sizes!

Vitamin Bounty's Women's Pro-Daily has so many 5 star reviews that it appears as a perfect 5 star product. Incredible! It's one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women for sure. Women's pro-daily is designed to support vaginal and thyroid health too. I actually feel touched that there's a product out there that so many women were able to get behind as good for their bodies! Ew. Sorry, I'm disgusted with myself for feeling an affinity for a brand.

A couple of weeks ago, I was experiencing symptoms of a possible UTI. I had lower back pain and frequent urination. I did some research on taking probiotics and decided to give this one a shot. I have been taking 2 capsules with a meal for 4 days now. To my surprise, my symptoms are going away and it has only been 4 days. I am very pleased with outcome! – Dori M.

Garden of Life is another brand I'm already familiar with because I consume Garden of Life Perfect Food, a green drink so potent that I feel an instant buzz just from consuming it. This product is delivered with a cold pack and has to be refrigerated upon arrival! I expect no less from Garden of Life. It also comes with digestive enzymes; smart! No wonder it's one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women.

With 1280 reviews, this is one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women. This particular product boasts that it's D-Mannose is 100% natural as opposed to synthetic. The company's spokesperson claims the synthetic products can be highly toxic, which is true. But they're really covering their butts by saying it "can be" highly toxic! But, you know what? I like that this company has a representative fielding questions on Amazon! That sort of customer service plays a part in why this is one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women.

Works miracles. Helps with my weight loss and makes me comfortable. Give it about 2 weeks to really notice the full effect but I am so glad to have found this. — Tara Leigh

Nature's way is a brand I know and this is one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women. Its vegetarian and gluten-free capsules deliver 30 billion CFU using a time delayed system. CFU stands for colony-forming unit. CFU is the measurement of viable bacteria. Probiotics are alive; they're bacteria. So saying something has 30 billion CFU means that there are 30 billion living bacteria there.

It turns out that one reason some brands boast about having such a high CFU is that most of those bacteria are lost to stomach acid! Nature's Way claims its time delayed system makes its 30 billion CFU as potent as 90 billion CFU that lack a time delayed release.

Again, wow, over 1,000 women were able to voice their experiences and exercise their agency when it came to making a choice for their probiotics. Euch, CAPITALISM CAN BE SO APPEALING! No wonder it's one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women; it includes cranberry and D mannose to ward off UTIs! More stuff should come with cranberry and D mannose to ward off UTIs. If we can add Vitamin D and Omega to orange juice, why not Cranberry and D mannose?! Also, it's time released so that it makes its way past your stomach acids and releases good bacteria throughout the day in your large and small intestine.

I have completely stopped taking my over the counter prevacid and zantac for my stomach issues. I was using another brand of Probiotic and when i ran out I searched to see which probiotic was rated the best. I chose this one and I have now stopped using all other products but Naturewise . I feel like a new person!!! – Jane E. Jerkins

I'm glad that one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women is for prenatal and postnatal health. In America, women can use all the help they can get because the US has the highest infant mortality rate of any developed nation. That's largely in part because of the treatment poor women and women of color in particular receive here. GODDAMN THIS WHITE SUPREMACIST PATRIARCHY! Euch. Don't even get me started on America's colonialist relationship with Puerto Rico!

This isn't just one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women, it's also the #1 pharmacist recommended probiotic brand based on a 2017 Pharmacy Times OTC survey. And apparently, lactobacillus rhamnosus is one of the world's most researched strains of bacteria. Add my name to the list of people researching lactobacillus rhamnosus. I just learned that this bacteria is most commonly found in healthy female urinary tracts!

This stuff is awesome! Unfortunately, an intestinal virus went through our family. I gave everyone a capsule of this, and within 24 hours the "runs" stopped. When I discontinued this before the bug ran its course, the issues began again, but within 24 hours of taking another capsule it disappeared again! Amazing! – Mtvlh101

This is one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women and for good reason. In addition, to having all the requisite ingredients for vaginal health, each serving also has prebiotics. Prebiotics are fuel for probiotics. They live in your colon and feed the good bacteria, which means that without prebiotics, you can't really have probiotics.

This product in particular advertises that it compensates for the side effects of antibiotics, which explains why it's one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women. When you take antibiotics, they can knock out your good flora, sometimes for a while. So it's good to have a product you can reach for that will restore the health of your biome. It's one of the best probiotics for vaginal health you should look into.

I began taking these at the suggestion of my doctor to hopefully stop my numerous UTI's. An added benefit is this product also took care of my irritable bowel syndrome. These helped me so much I had my daughter start taking them for her stomach issues. I have been taking them for two years and have not had a single UTI. Try them. You won't be sorry. —Donna C.

Reviewer after reviewer is expressing gratitude that this product cures yeast infections after sex. It's beautiful! While the US government tries to control female reproduction every chance it gets, it's good to know that a company like Renew Life is making a product that helps women. Yeah, that's right, fellas! Having to fight for our health care is just one more thing women are expected to do at work but shouldn't.

With 640 positive reviews, this is one of the best rated probiotics on Amazon for women. I can't believe I'm expressing gratitude for a company. THIS IS SO UNLIKE ME, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME CAPITALISM?!?!

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