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Alcohol, Drugs & Gun — You Think They Are Cool? Think Again.

by Life Lesson 2 months ago in advice
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Do not let them destroy you and your loved ones.

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To those who abuse them:


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What good does alcohol do to you? Because you want to get high to forget your worldly problems? Or do you just enjoy the feeling of being high?

Yes if there is a celebration it’s no harm to drink some wine, whisky, beer, etc to make us feel more open and enjoy that feeling of ‘high’. It helps in fostering a closer bond with your family, friends, or acquaintances.

But have you ever thought of the horrible consequences of alcohol if you abuse it? When you often drink till you lose your mind and rational thinking?

How many families fell apart and left a scar on their children because of alcohol abuse? How many casualties were caused by drunk driving? The figures are scary!

Did your problems go away by drinking them? NO!

You could do the things that you were unaware of that cause you horrible consequences. Your problem becomes bigger.

Are you just too weak to resist them?

Is it because you have been living in comfort for way too long and your soul become too weak, and cannot withstand any stress that's part of life?

Are you just too weak to shake your addiction to it?

Be strong! Find healthier ways to release your stress eg. jogging, walking, writing in your diary, or talking to those that you trust! They are FREE and don't cost you a dime!


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What good does the drug do to you? Again the feeling of ‘high’? Probably more intense than alcohol? I have not taken drugs before I don’t know how it feels.

I have a distant relative who took drugs and he could never shake it off despite being in and out of rehab, and numerous other sad stories of self because of drug abuse or addiction.

Because you want to feel good? Because you want to fit into the group?

Taking drugs doesn’t make you look cool.

If you feel curious, don’t ever try it! Don’t risk your life for it! It’s not worth it!


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Why do you want to own a gun at home?

Because you want to feel safe? Because you want to protect yourself? Because it’s the culture? For hunting?

Have you ever thought that your young adults can misuse it and think that pulling the trigger can help them to solve all their problems?

It’s easy, right? Just pull the trigger. They think.

It’s so easy to grab it when the frustration come to the head.

Frustration and anger always win in the heat of the moment. By the time they cool down they will regret: “How on earth could I do that?!”

But they cannot undo the horrible actions.

How many shooting cases happened in the college? or on the street? or in the mall?

Many young adults nowadays are not strong in spirit as they have never experienced the true hardship like a few generations ago that had endured the hardship of war.

Many of them are fragile and only want to enjoy life, but life is not all about pleasure, but the problem is. Pleasure is just part of it. Life is a combo of many many things eg. pleasure, problem, pain, hard work, etc.

One thing for sure is no one can run away from worldly problems whether you are rich or poor. The ability to solve problems is very important in life.

You’re using it for hunting — are there better hobbies that do not involve killings in this civilized age? Or if you enjoy it you can do the killing in many video games.

If you really need it to protect yourself eg. in the wild or dangerous environment, please safe keep it in a place that’s not easily accessible to the young adults, or even adults!

Parting Words

We are facing many issues right now with pandemics and war. Life is becoming more difficult but we should be stronger and do what we can to overcome it.

In fact, there is even more reason to stay away from these three highly dangerous items that bring horrible consequences. They could only worsen our situations with more problems and grief, not only to you but to other people as well.

When faced with unprecedented hardship, we need to stay cool and need an even more rational mind to solve the issues.

If it’s something deeply embedded in the culture but it’s not healthy, shouldn’t we just ditch it? What’s the good of keeping something that has no good value but only harms us today?

Do not be the victim of those who have the monetary gains or interest in these things.

Please, choose a healthier way to destress that causes no harm to other people, including yourself.

* * *

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