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8 Relationships Lessons I Learned From My Twin Flame Encounter

You are a mirror of me that triggered my growth.

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read
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What is a twin flame?

Twin flames are two halves or mirrors of two different individuals

These individuals tend to have similar strengths and weaknesses and feel intensely connected over something shared.

They seem to mirror one another, have shared similar life paths, history, and sometimes trauma.

~ Barbara Spinelli (a therapist & relationship expert)

~ My whisper for my twin flame ~

My dear twin flame, I’ve got a confession to make here,

As now that we both have our own life partners,

I want to tell you how similar mine compares to yours.

When I see his eyes, it reminds me of her eyes,

The way he looks at me, it’s just the same way she looks at you.

His magnetic smile, is just as jolly as hers,

His sparkling eyes upon seeing me, it’s just like hers when she sees you.

His tireless proactive attitude towards me, is just the same as hers toward you,

His joyful outgoing personality, is just the same as hers.

He is she, in a different body and different soul,

Come to capture our hearts, in a very uncanny similar way.

* * *

You and me, we both are of distant personalities.

We both are like the king and queen,

Waiting for him and her to come to please us.

Wanting someone right to melt our hearts first,

Before we give our hearts to the one among the suitors.

We learn about ourselves and our love lessons,

From our painful encounter in this lifetime.

We’re not meant to be together,

Despite our intense love and connection.

As our personality crashes too much,

What’s more with all the wrong timing.

This is part of our personal growth,

To work on our insecurities from this trigger.

Humans often learn best when they’re challenged.

By being with our own soulmate that complements us now,

It comes with the healing that makes us the better person.

* * *

Goodbye, my twin flame,

Once and for all till the next lifetime.

Or maybe not, better not to meet again,

We both are the same soul split into two bodies,

What I feel you can feel it too without us telling.

This excruciating pain is too painful to bear again,

It feels like part of our bodies have been chopped off,

It bleeds and so is our hearts, beyond words could describe.

Our lessons learned:

1. Never let your ego come in the way of your love. The magnetic solid feeling is hard to come by, don’t chase away this precious love. Likely you’ll never meet another love like this anymore in your lifetime. Once it’s gone, it could be gone forever.

2. Tell him/her that you love them. Let's give a chance for this amazing love to develop into something meaningful in reality.

3. Love is meaningless without showing actions. They need to feel it in your action to ensure it’s real and not an illusion.

4. A passionate love takes a strong heart and conscious mind to make it come to fruition and be long-lasting. Do not let it crash and burn, keep the flame going, it will brighten up your life journey.

5. The challenging times and experiences once overcome will make this a powerful and solid union. You’ll be shielded from infidelity for life. Fate will throw you a lot of challenges to make you cry and gives you a lot of heartaches but bring forth your strong soul and fight for it. Even if it doesn’t come true at the end of the day you would have no regrets knowing that you’ve done your best.

6. The right timing could be thrown out of the window by fate. He/she may not be the socially accepted type, e.g. you both could have a rather big age gap, from very different cultural backgrounds, etc. So be mindful of this and when there's any chance that the timing is right, please use it wisely to make things right.

7. You two will have identical characteristics that make you crash in some areas. It’s like two square shape plates crashing against each other when they touch. It’s unlike the soulmate where it complements so well as a round shape plate fits perfectly inside a square shape plate and vice versa. Find a common ground and place your intense love as the backbone for this amazing love to shine bright.

8. In twin flame love there will be one chaser and one runner. Chaser — please be more tactful in your chase toward the intimated runner. Runner — please slow down and be on your cool mind to think rationally.

Once you manage to overcome all these, you’ll see how beautiful this union is and how blessed you are to have this love.

While there’s a lack of scientific evidence proving that twin flames exist, some psychologists say the phenomenon is real — and worth exploring.


I’ve met my twin flame, have you met yours?

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