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by @chainlostsoul about a year ago in health
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Currently, I am a 23-year-old junior at Grossmont College, majoring in Television, Film, and New Media - Emphasis in Production, and I truly believe that I am the ideal candidate for this scholarship because I have suffered dramatically from surviving two car accidents in a short period of time, approximately a year apart from each other. I was able to reflect on how I saw myself before the incidents and afterwards and the profound change I found in myself after the last car accident.

Back in mid-July 2018, I began to show the ultimate scar where my motivation was lost, and I was even more depressed after being in a car accident. Thankfully, after this first accident, I was able to mostly recover within the two months of summer before school started. However, I did not feel the same level of confidence when I started college after summer break. Once I went back to college, I saw very little respect for myself and I saw that it was extremely difficult to regain my confidence again, but a little bit at a time, I saw a decent respect in myself where people had shown empathy for my survival. To me, going to college was a part of the recovery process, which gradually helped me return to my normal self, but I happened to be in a better process during the spring semester once I had gotten comfort from someone special along with a few other people. This exemplifies how I achieved a little more than my previous self, where life is a beautiful place to be when you feel human.

Later, in early September 2019, I was in another car accident. After the first accident and the recovery process, I felt different as if I could not stand being alive, whereas the second car accident was fairly different where I had to slowly gain back my confidence, so I feel like myself again. Specifically, the two different kinds of accidents I have experienced caused severe trauma in me, so my choice was to ultimately take care of myself. Before, I was in fear of death, but now, I am not afraid anymore and it gives me a feeling to appreciate the life that I have been given. After the second accident, my motivation was lost, so I had to drop out for the fall semester of 2019. During my recovery, I was devoted to getting confidence in myself more than ever before and seeking positive influences surrounding my life.

Within the last two years, I have experienced nearly-fatal two auto accidents on the freeway which caused a profound change in the way I see myself. I have gained connections in respecting my life after being saved. I have grown a lot since I’ve been given a third chance at life and I actually pay attention to the circumstances around me. This exemplifies how I saw myself in a way and I soon developed how I needed to live on and pursue my life at a relatively young age. As of now, I am a junior at Grossmont College and I plan on transferring to San Diego State University soon. That is why returning to college was not only a part of my recovery process, which gradually helped me return to my normal self, but I changed more as a person during the school year once I was able to meet someone special along with others who supported me. This shows how I grew more for myself, understanding that life is beautiful.


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