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9 symptoms in women lead to cancer- one should not ignore

by CANCER SAMIKSHA 2 months ago in advice
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Cancer is a non-communicable disease that is increasingly affecting female adults. Here we address 9 major symptoms among women that they should not ignore. ‘Cancer is just a scar; don’t make it a permanent wound

9 symptoms of cancer in women

‘Cancer is just a scar; don’t make it a permanent wound.’

Cancer is a non-communicable disease that is increasingly affecting female adults in developed as well as developing countries. According to a study by the Ministry of Health; Government of India, Cancer is a leading cause of death in the country. The study of BBC news says that #breastcancer is now the most common cancer among women in India. It accounts for up to 27% of all cancers among women. One out of the three women is likely to detect cancer at some point in life. Oncologists say that there has been a sharp rise in cancer cases of women in India in the last six years.

The female body undergoes numerous hormonal changes at different stages of life. Changes depend upon women’s lifestyle, environment, body type and genetic factors. A disease like cancer is majorly based on the risk factor. Although risk factor is individualized, it is important to take efforts to lower the risk. Early detection is the key between life and death; hence women should not ignore the #warningsignsofcancer.

Remember Sonali Bendre, Manish Koirala, Kirron Kher, all these top celebrities who were diagnosed with cancer! Not everyone’s cancer was curable. But what made them come out of it was early detection and treatment of minute symptoms. While undergoing tedious treatment and emotional turmoil, they kept moving on and resumed back with more strength. Perhaps, along with proper diagnosis and chances of survival; this is what early treatment gives you… a sense of confidence to fight and a positive attitude.

This blog will help you understand the early symptoms of #canceramongwomen, because #wefeelwhatyoufeel.

Cancer Symptoms women shouldn’t ignore

When it comes to personal health, Indian women are likely to ignore or overlook their health problems. Paying attention to early symptoms lowers the #riskofcancer. Also, the probability of cure increases. Here are some general #symptomsofcancer that women shouldn’t ignore.

cancer symptoms women shouldn't ignore

Continuous Back Pain

Female Adults have learned to live with Back Pain. Back pain is an early sign of many generic illnesses like the start of menstruation until the menopause phase. Kidney stone is also a prominent reason that causes severe pain in the lower back. Pain due to cramps or stones is a normal phenomenon but consistent pain around the pelvis and back convert into serious disease like cancer. Shooting pain can be an early symptom of pancreatic cancer. Tumours in the spine can also cause pain in the lower back.


If this ache is constant and severe during normal days, then it is time to seek a good physician. As said earlier lowering the risk is important. The physician will thoroughly explain what type of pain is bothering a person. Everyone suffers through some kind of pain daily but if this pain is disturbing your daily activities, then you better not advocate yourself, but rather get expert advice.

Uncommon Bowel Movements

Regular constipation or some uncommon bowel movements are not normal for your body. This also happens during the start of menstrual time. But there can be situations when women feel constipated, and bloated repeatedly then it should not be ignored. Bowel changes can be an early symptom of colorectal cancer. Over a while, changes in faecal matter, lethargy, and weight loss can happen. It can look like haemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Consult the doctor immediately to avoid fatigue. There are several types of bowel cancers like colon, rectal and colorectal cancer. Visit your physician and make sure that the signs diagnose any of these cancers. It is also recommended to seek a medical expert if you observe the following signs:

· Diarrhoea

· Thin, dark or bloody excreta

· Belly pain and cramps

· Unexplained weakness

Urination Problems

Urine infection is an extremely common phenomenon among women. It happens due to unhygienic conditions, menstrual cycle, etc. This changes the colour of urine or sometimes the frequency of urination. Urine infections are the reason why bladder habits changes. But frequent pee problems can be a serious problem too. As it is a signal of urine infection, it can also be the signal of bladder or kidney cancer. Other common signs of kidney cancer are:

· The feeling of heavy pressure on the bladder

· Burning or irritation while peeing

· Often peeing

· Sudden and uncontrollable urge

· The feeling of an empty bladder


See your doctor right away if you observe any of these symptoms. Blood in the urine is a serious issue apart from menstruation. Consult the physician for the right diagnosis and preventive measures.

Changes in Breast and Nipples

A largely discussed symptom and cancer among women is breast cancer. Changes in the breast like heavy/lumpy breast is an easy mark of breast cancer. Some more changes are:

· Redness

· Nipple Discharge

· Breast Pain

· Swelling

· Change in skin texture


So, if a women experience any of these changes in their body, then visit a medical expert on an immediate basis. One can also go for a mammography test but always follow whatever is directed by the physician. Breast cancer is common among women and can happen because of no specific habits. With the age, the risk increases so consult a doctor if you feel any early signs.

Bleeding or Discharge

This is a common phenomenon among women during menstruation. But females should deal with it cautiously. Smelly blood or discharge even during periods is not common and should be treated medically. It is an early sign of cervical, vaginal or endometrial cancer. Urinal cancer is also common cancer based on these symptoms.


According to medical studies, 90% of women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer when they experience irregular bleeding. A minute change in the daily routine of the body should be treated medically because early diagnosis of a disease like cancer is extremely important. Postmenopausal bleeding should also be evaluated by a medical expert.

Loss of Appetite

Uncommon loss of appetite is a serious sign, that people generally take for granted. Tumours in the digestive tract can be a prominent reason for the loss of appetite. You may feel full due to the tumour present in the tract. Cancerous cells are an abnormal factor in the body so they may send fall hormones that can create hurdles in hunger signals. Cancer makes the metabolism and immune weak. Hence this is a warning sign of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract, ovary, lung, stomach, and pancreas.


Women who are diagnosed with cancer do not feel hungry at all. Hence physician guides females during the diagnosis as well as when they develop symptoms. Physicians advise the diet, nutrition and intervals of diet. Loss of appetite if not treated under guidance can cause fatigue and an incurable stage of cancer.

Loss of Appetite

Constant Cough

A lasting cough is not a good sign if there is no reason. People diagnosed with Covid are likely to experience a long-lasting duration of coughs. But it is also an early symptom of lung cancer. If the woman is continuously horsing or the cough is so severe that she cannot speak a sentence properly then cancer in the larynx or thyroid gland should be checked for.


Tell the doctor about these symptoms and get medical help. If one is going through chest pain and blood in the cough, it should be diagnosed on urgent basis.

Skin Patches

Puberty is the time in a women’s lifespan when they experience pimples, small bumps and scars on the skin. Even doctors advise to give the proper time and not experiment on it. But from a small pimple to purple leisure or bleeding patch on the skin, if the infections don’t disappear then, do not ignore.


Ignorance gives a proper span for cancer to develop in the advanced stage. Skin Cancer is also one of the common cancers among women.

A shift in the birthmark or any mole should also be medically assessed. Visit a local physician first and know if it requires any expert consultation. Always remember ABCDE:

Asymmetry: One-half of the mole or birthmark doesn’t look like the other.

Border: The edges are irregular.

Colour: It’s varied or inconsistent, both black and brown or any uncommon color.

Diameter: It’s larger than the usual size.

Evolving: any mole that grows bleeds or otherwise changes over time.

Weight loss without trying

Weight fluctuation is common. But constant weight loss without trying is an abnormal sign; rather an early sign of many cancers. Loss of pounds or loss of appetite can be cancer that has spread. Cancerous cells in the body can cause a woman to shed weight.


Consult a doctor if you drop more than 10 pounds without dieting or any efforts toward weight loss. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 40% of women who are first diagnosed with cancer report weight loss as the main symptom. Women as well as men diagnosed with advanced cancer undergo weight loss and wasting. Wasting is also known as cachexia, which is a combination of weight and muscle loss. All this knowledge is necessary when a woman observes any symptom, hence physician guidance is a must.

Other important common symptoms

· Chronic headache

· Night sweats and fever

· Constant Cough

· Trouble in Swallowing

· Common Cancers among Women

Cancers that are common among women usually develop in their reproductive system which includes, the uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, vulva, cervix, and ovaries. Cancer-related to these organs is called Gynaecologic Cancers. Other Common cancers among women include:

· Breast Cancer

· Skin Cancer

· Endometrial Cancer

· Lung Cancer

· Colorectal Cancer

According to a study by WHO, Cervical Cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women. In 2018, approximately, 570000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer and 311000 women died because of it. Almost 99% of cervical cancer is caused because of infection of high-risk human papillomaviruses (HPV), an extremely common virus transmitted through sexual contact.

WHO also quotes that infections with HPV cause no symptoms. Just the infection can cause cervix cancer among women.

Image source- The Logical Indian


Cancer Screening once a year after post the age of 35–40 is highly suggested by medical experts to treat the disease at the early stage. With Cancer Samiksha by your side, you need not worry about the awareness and diagnosis of cancer. We undertake various cancer awareness programmes that you can be a part of. Also, if a woman is diagnosed with cancer, we take care of her right from diagnosis to palliative care. Cancer Samiksha is a comprehensive cancer care ecosystem connected with top cancer experts, oncologists, and counselors. It is a platform wherein one can get reliable, unbiased guidance for all the ambiguities regarding cancer.

Some preventive measures to lower the risk of cancer include:

· Controlled and Healthy Diet

· Simple exercise habits

· Medical check-ups at regular intervals

· No Alcohol and tobacco

· Weight control

Put your comment in the comment box about what you would like to know more about cancer. Cancer Samiksha is always there for you because #wefeelwhatyoufeel

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