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10 benefits of eating Avocado. When it can lead to weight gain

Avocado- wonder fruit

By Maria Ostasevici Published 2 years ago 3 min read

Avocado is a wonder fruit that should not be missing from your diet. Avocados can be eaten raw, in salads or individually, seasoned with various herbs and spices or can become ingredients for desserts, in various recipes for cakes or protein shakes.

●Avocado is composed of 18 amino acids that participate in the formation of complex proteins, essential for the proper functioning of the body. Avocado contains folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamin B6, which help normalize the level of homocysteine, which, in large quantities, can have toxic effects, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

●Avocado contains 35% more potassium than a banana. This mineral is extremely important for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Potassium is a nutrient that most people do not get enough of. This nutrient helps maintain electrical gradients in the body's cells and serves various important body functions. Avocado is very rich in potassium. A number of studies show that high potassium intake is linked to lower blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

●The fats found in avocado fruit increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglycerides turn into a real nutritional adjunct for dyslipidemic patients.

●Due to its high fiber content, it plays an essential role in the health of the digestive system. Insoluble fiber cleanses the colon, prevents constipation and can help prevent colorectal cancer, while soluble fiber regulates appetite (prolonging the feeling of satiety). Fiber is the non-digestible matter of plants that can contribute to weight loss, reduce blood sugar levels and is strongly linked to a lower risk of many diseases. It is important to distinguish between soluble and insoluble fibers. Soluble fiber is known to be able to feed the beneficial intestinal bacteria in the gut, which are very important for the optimal function of our body.

●Rich in nutrients, it can be a key ingredient in cosmetic masks, as it gives shine to the skin and hair. This fruit is appreciated for its high nutritional value and is a useful ingredient for various dishes due to its good taste and rich texture. This is the main ingredient for guacamole. Nowadays, avocados have become incredibly popular among people who are aware of their health. It is considered a superfood, which is not at all surprising given its properties. There are many types of avocados, depending on the shape (from pear shape to round shape) and color (from green to black).

●Avocado contains glutathione, a protein essential for the optimal functioning of the immune system and the nervous system.

●People suffering from diabetes or dysglycemia are advised to include this fruit in their diet, as it regulates the body's glycemic level and insulin resistance through healthy fats and soluble fiber.

●It also has strong antioxidant properties and prevents the onset of various types of cancer.

●Avocado fruit contains a carotenoid called lutein, a substance needed to maintain optimal vision, which protects against degeneration caused by aging.

●Avocado can also be a rich source of vitamin E, the substance that neutralizes free radicals that destroy brain cells, so it can help prevent memory loss and accelerate mental illness in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

"It is preferable to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which does not lack avocados, and this is due to its benefits for cardiovascular and digestive function, but also the role it has on the nervous system".

I recommend eating avocados in the first part of the day, for breakfast or as a snack, because, due to its high fat content, it can lead to weight gain (fats over 30%).


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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

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mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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